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Raleigh Tanzania Society

The Raleigh Tanzania Society is made up from hundreds of passionate and committed Tanzanian alumni that have completed our expedition and ICS programmes, since the launch of Raleigh Tanzania in 2013.

The aim of Raleigh Tanzania Society is to contribute to sustainable development through active youth participation and innovation.

The Raleigh Tanzania Society is driven by the strong belief that when youth are well informed of their rights and empowered to actively engage and participate in opportunities available for sustainable development, they will contribute towards building resilient communities as leaders, partners, and as beneficiaries.

The society is currently managed and supported by Raleigh Tanzania, but has its own governance structure, democratically elected from across the country. Young leaders have been voted in by their fellow alumni, to lead volunteering and campaigning activities across the country. The Raleigh Tanzania strategy 2017 – 2020 will build capacity of the society, with the aim of it becoming an independent organisation capable of implementing its own programmes.

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