Inspiring communities and young people around the world to create lasting change

We believe that when local communities and young people work side by side to create positive change, it empowers them. And it’s the energy and motivation of empowered people that creates lasting change.

New 4-week Expedition in Tanzania

In summer 2018 we’re launching a 4-week programme in Tanzania. Our volunteers will work at the heart of a meaningful community project and take part in an adrenaline-fuelled trek.

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The impact we make

In 2016, we supported 2,000 young people, from 33 countries, to work with 200 rural communities.

Our work directly improved the lives of over 100,000 people.

Icon showing large group of people

people benefitted from improved access to safe water

Sanitation Block

safe sanitation structures built

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young people trained in entrepreneurship to increase community resilience

Mentor knowledge

mentors provided support to young entrepreneurs

Icon showing trees

people attended training in natural resource management

Tree seedling

trees planted

“I now have enough confidence to start my own business and create a new path for my life”

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