Our blogs are written by our volunteers in each country to give you a flavour of what life is like on our programmes.

Whilst they try to update the blog as often as possible, their main priority is to focus on the completion of the projects. If the blog has not been updated for a few days, please be patient, and rest assured that our volunteers are busy working hard and will add an update as soon as possible.


Over the past 10 weeks, our summer Expedition has undoubtedly created sustainable change in environments and communities across Sabah. From rehabilitating tropical forest ecosystems to building the infrastructure for communities to access reliable water and safe sanitation.

September 15, 2018

On 24th August, in true Costa Rican fashion, National Park Day was a mixture of strong equatorial heat, stifling cloud cover and the constant possibility of tropical rain. Visitors to La Cangreja National Park began arriving at around 8am; a mixture of school students, teachers and small venders selling a variety of goods. 

El 24 de agosto, al más puro estilo costarricense, el Día del Parque Nacional fue una mezcla de fuerte calor ecuatorial, sofocante cubierta de nubes y la constante posibilidad de lluvia tropical. Los visitantes del Parque Nacional La Cangreja comenzaron a llegar alrededor de las 8am una mezcla de estudiantes, maestros y vendedores pequeños que venden una variedad de productos. 

September 13, 2018

Having completed the delivery of our WASH projects in the villages of Ichonde, Katurukila, Matanga and Mvungurumo, our volunteer team reflect on the highlights of the past few months and get ready to start work on other WASH, NRM and Livelihoods projects.

September 11, 2018

“Young people are often undervalued in society in general. However, with a bit of direction and support they can do amazing things. What we have achieved on Raleigh is a perfect example of this. Youth are the future and the importance of this should be acknowledged. Tapping into young people’s skills and ideas will help to make the future bright.” George, Expedition volunteer

September 10, 2018

It has always been a core belief of Raleigh International that youth are the key to lasting change. Made up of alumni from three different countries, we, the Raleigh ExCEL team, are determined to prove it!

September 7, 2018

As the final Expedition comes to a close tomorrow, this weekend we will be celebrating the past 31 years of Raleigh Borneo Expeditions in Sabah at our closing ceremony. We want to share this momentous occasion with you - here’s how to keep in the loop…

September 6, 2018

Mempakad mornings are special for more than one reason. It is 6am and the sky has already started to lighten. You wake to the sound of the cockerels crowing, an annoyance you somewhat get used to. There is a heat to the breeze, despite the early morning. The warm air and enclosing greenery doesn’t take long to feel familiar.

Volunteer Mariam illustrates a day in the life of Kampung Mempakad as told by the children in the village.

September 5, 2018