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Our impact

We are committed to ensuring that all our projects are responsible and have long-term sustainable impact.

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Raleigh's programmatic areas

Raleigh International contributes to achieving the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs). These are 17 Global Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure everyone has peace and prosperity by 2030.  We do this by working with young people, partners, and communities on two programmatic areas.


  • Quality Education by providing safer places for children to study and aiding their education through teaching assistance and homework clubs
  • Zero Hunger by setting up and maintaining co-operative farming initiatives to supply extra meals for children and the communities
  • Good Health & Well Being by improving a community’s access to clean water and sanitation

Climate & Conservation

  • Creating and restoring healthier bio-systems through invasive plant removal, soil erosion work and habitat management
  • Reducing the impact of human wildlife conflict through education, snare-sweeping and implementing technical solutions
  • Waste Management initiatives to reduce pollution in water systems, national parks and adjacent communities

The Raleigh Impact

Over the years Raleigh has made some significant impacts on communities, the environment and people


Over 100,000 people now have long-lasting access to safe and accessible hygiene facilities and access to toilets, handwashing and drinking water.


Raleigh young people have planted over 900,000 trees to help combat climate change.


Volunteers have built or rehabilitated more than 65km of trails and conservation infrastructure


Over 500 rural households supported to protect income from environmental challenges.

How does Raleigh ensure we are creating long-lasting impact?

Projects are developed in partnership

Our project development and operation teams blend local knowledge with international understanding, and all have a passion for our work.

Our local teams work closely with community leaders, partners, and conservationists to agree on the problems we are helping to resolve and how our volunteers can help to achieve these. Projects are crafted to create a balance of short-term upliftment and relief with long-term change.

“The whole programme is designed to bring the best in people and let them find out what really matters.”

Martin | Raleigh Alumni

Our projects are consistently reviewed

We believe in the value of structured and organised work, but we also understand the limitations of the projects we run; we are realistic in setting our goals. 

Raleigh International puts measurable aims and achievement evaluation processes for everything we do. Each month Managers from our projects submit reports to our Operations team, who then analyse the project’s success (based on objectives agreed upon by partners and communities) and implement improvements to increase impact.

Volunteers are properly trained

Our induction and training provide volunteers with background and understanding of the problems a community may face and how their efforts can contribute towards a positive outcome. The training our teams receive maximises the value each person can contribute.

Volunteers are immersed in the communities they work in so they can understand the people, the issues and how they can make a difference. 

“I wasn’t sure if i would be able to do this. But Raleigh completely welcomed me into the family and I have never gotten so much out of a programme before.”

Eve | Raleigh Alumni

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