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Start your Adventure with Purpose

Create long-lasting impact on environmental and community projects, experience real adventure, gain confidence and new skills and make friends for life on your gap year.





Reach your potential and 
create lasting impact

At Raleigh International we empower young people from across the world to develop their skills, build confidence and take action on the issues they care about. We do this through challenging and fun international volunteering experiences.

With over 55,000 volunteers from more than 100 countries, we’re an ever-evolving organisation that is constantly adapting to new ideas and challenges. But what never changes is our dedication to working with young people and communities to create meaningful and long-lasting impact.

“Challenging, but ultimately massively rewarding and fulfilling experience!”

Maria | Raleigh Alumni

Why Volunteer with Raleigh

Volunteering with Raleigh International is unique. Every Expedition, open only to young people age 17-24, enables volunteers to work on up to three different projects (environmental, community and adventure) all creating positive and meaningful change in the communities and countries we work.

Volunteers develop new skills and step out of their comfort zone -and with over 40 years of experience running Expeditions, Raleigh International offer young people real adventure without compromising on safety.

Whether volunteering with us for 6 weeks or 10 weeks, it’s a journey you will never forget.

Raleigh Expedition
Change starts here

On Expedition, you will create unique memories to last a lifetime and partner with communities to identify where change is needed most to create a positive, lasting impact.

Which countries can I go to?

We currently offer two different countries for our Expeditions.

Green map vector of Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica in one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, home to national parks, volcanoes and stunning landscapes. The country’s national motto, ‘pura vida’ (pure life), is more than just a saying but a way of life.

Learn more about Costa Rica projects
Green map vector of South Africa

Kruger, South Africa

The Greater Kruger area lies between Mozambique, Eswatini and the world-famous Kruger National Park. This area encapsulates Africa at its heart. It is a wildlife haven with natural beauty unlike anywhere else.

Learn more about South African projects

Over 25 and looking for a Volunteer manager role?

Our Volunteer Managers (VM) are the driving force behind the Expedition and are vital to ensuring the programmes run smoothly and effectively. You can apply for these roles on the main application page.

What makes Raleigh Expedition unique?

Volunteering with Raleigh International is an immersive, one-of-a-kind experience. Described by our volunteers as “absolutely life-changing”, it’s a journey you will never forget. Don’t expect tourist hotspots, five-star hotels and 24/7 wifi (we promise you won’t miss it); instead, expect a memory-making adventure full of fun and rewarding experiences.

Be with people your age

Apart from team leaders and staff, you will be grouped with people aged 17-24. This is unique to Raleigh.

A community environment like no other

Share the experience with the same group for the duration of your trip. Learn to help and support each other and make friends for life.

Varied experiences

You will have the opportunity to take part in up to three phases contributing to community and environmental projects allowing you to gain more skills and experiences.

Diverse and Inclusive

Volunteers join diverse teams of young people from across the globe as well as volunteers from the country you are based in.

Real adventure

Raleigh Expedition is an exciting and fun experience that will push you out of your comfort zone (in a safe environment!).

Future ready

Gain the skills, confidence and perspective to play a leading role in building a better and more sustainable world for everyone.

Need more information about Expedition?

Consultation call

Whether you have a specific question or want to discuss which Expedition is right for you, schedule a call with a member of the team at a time convenient to you. 

Join an info event

On our monthly online info events, we’ll tell you all about Expedition. Have your questions answered, meet other volunteers and find out what Expedition is really like from an alumni.

Download a guide

Find out all about Raleigh International and Expedition in our helpful information guide.

Volunteering is a life changing experience. You not only learn life lessons and help make an impact on the world but also gain experience.

AnnaRaleigh Alumni

I’ve improved my leadership skills. Before I was an introverted, shy person and now I am talking with other people without hesitation. Before, I was only comfortable sitting with a group of two or three people but now, I’m able to speak within a group of 20 or 30.

BikalRaleigh Alumni

Raleigh gave me the drive I needed when I was dealing with a difficult home life and made me determined to raise the money and get on my Expedition

EmmaRaleigh Alumni

Information for parents

For many volunteers, Raleigh Expedition is the first overseas trip they are taking without a parent, carer or friends. We’ve put together commonly asked questions and info about what your child can expect from a Raleigh Expedition.

Info for parentsContact an advisor

What impact do we make?

Learn more about our impact

Reduce the impact of human-wildlife conflict, create and restore healthier bio-systems and reduce pollution.

Reduce food insecurity
Setting up and maintaining cooperative farming initiatives to supply extra meals for children and the communities.

Quality education
Providing safer places for children to study and aiding their education through teaching assistance and homework clubs.

Water and sanitation
Improved health and well-being by increasing a community’s access to clean water and sanitation. 


Frequently asked questions about Raleigh Expedition

How inclusive is Raleigh International?

Raleigh International welcomes volunteers from all backgrounds and cultures. Raleigh Expedition is a safe and inclusive environment where young people can bring their authentic selves to the programme. One of the best things about Expedition is that you can make friends with people you might not normally meet.

How many people will be on Expedition with me?

You will be part of a team of roughly 14 international volunteers, 2-3 national volunteers and 2-3 volunteer managers.

How safe are the projects?

Safety is at the heart of everything. This starts with selecting the appropriate places to volunteer, all the way to providing comprehensive safety training to all volunteers. Our Safety Management Systems are robust, practical, and effective.

  • Every programme has qualified medical staff supporting the volunteers.
  • Every team is accompanied by an experienced tour leader who is with the group 24/7.
  • In the event of emergency, professional and skilled operators such as medical air rescue services and medical practitioners are available as part of our support network.
  • Experienced In-country staff and Volunteer Management team on every Expedition

Read more about safety here

Read all FAQ's

“In order for us to not only craft a Raleigh Expedition perfect for you, we need to speak you, understand your goals and ensure that you’re supported every step of the way.”

Raleigh Team

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