About Us

People worldwide face many barriers to creating change. And solutions to change must balance economic, environmental and social needs to be sustainable. In many cases this requires new ways of thinking and doing.

We connect communities wanting to improve their lives and their environment with passionate people from around the world who want to take positive action.

We believe that young people are the generation that has the energy, optimism and creativity to make change happen. And they are open to new ways of thinking and doing.

By working alongside young people to create positive change, communities develop their knowledge and confidence and become more empowered.

The energy and motivation of empowered people leads to lasting change.

The outcome is a better quality of life for everyone.

With our local and international volunteers, project partners, local communities, funders, and 40,000 previous volunteers, we form a global community who are passionate about working together to build a sustainable future.

Our story

Volunteers link arms with community members in Tanzania

Raleigh International: a community committed to impact. We’re an ever-evolving organisation, constantly adapting to new ideas and challenges. But what never changes is our dedication to delivering results that last: communities who are empowered to develop sustainably, and young people who are inspired to take action.

Trustees and governance

Raleigh International in Shinyanga, Northern Tanzania. The group were working alongside Save the Children and Lara's Foundation to build an Early Child Development (ECD) Centre to provide pre-primary education for vulnerable children, including those affected by HIV/AIDS. The group are building a toilet block and classroom.

The Board of Trustees oversees the charitable governance and effective operation of Raleigh and its international programmes.

Annual Report

Volunteers and community members work together on sanitation units in Tanzania

Find out more about Raleigh's activities and financial performance by downloading our Annual Report and Financial Statements.

Raleigh latest

Volunteers smile and hold hands with a community member in Tanzania

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Our people

Volunteers and rangers work together on a natural resources project in the National Park of Tortuguero, Costa Rica

With support from our Board of Trustees, our chief executive and senior management team help guide and shape the direction of our organisation supported by a team who are committed to the ethos of Raleigh.

Work for us

Volunteers and community members work together in Nicaragua

Raleigh International operates in five countries globally and is always looking for people who will live and breathe our values: find the courage, open to discovery, never give up, create impact together, act with integrity.

Press and media

Volunteers recieve training at a base centre in Tanzania

Raleigh’s communications team is always available to speak to journalists interested in our work, or to support volunteers who would like to raise awareness of their time working on sustainable projects.


Raleigh International volunteers work together to discuss sanitation in Miganga, Tanzania.

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Request a speaker

Young volunteers speak to a community with a microphone in Ndala, Tanzania

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