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Earth Day: “The earth is crying out to us to protect it”

On Earth Day, and everyday, we must appreciate the earth. Raleigh Costa Rica volunteer Angie writes about the need to protect our planet.

On Earth Day, and everyday, we must appreciate the earth. Raleigh Costa Rica volunteer Angie writes about the need to protect our planet.

On April 22, International Earth Day is celebrated, to make humanity aware of the problems generated by overpopulation, pollution, biodiversity conservation, the effects of environmental deterioration on human health and other environmental concerns.

In this world there are so many things, shapes of colors and ways of thinking. Consequently there are also practical solutions for specific needs, in this case, conserving the environment.

Volunteering is one of them. In my experience on Expedition with Raleigh International, specifically in the Rincón de la Vieja National Park in Costa Rica, it has been an incredible job but a lot of effort, where I have met other young people full of love, courage and enthusiasm for alleviating suffering from the earth. It makes clear that there are still people with the power and passion to change and improve the environmental situation in which we live.

Raleigh Expedition volunteers in Rincon de la Vieja National Park

Some of the field work we did in this place was cleaning, perfecting trails and tourist attractions. This effort stems from a reality facing many of the country’s national parks, which is that they do not have enough personnel and financial support to cover the wilderness area. Specifically in Rincon de la Vieja, we noticed the amount of burning that the park rangers must manage – they tell us that this problem is due to illegal actions that cause intentional fires, which affects the biodiversity of the park, as well as physical and mental wear and tear for the park rangers.

However, despite the atrocities within this place, from the human point of view, the amount of flora and fauna in the park is impressive, and the purity of each species is unique, the landscapes that this site contains are the opposite of the aggressive and invasive as we see them in cities. It brings a feeling of peace and also of richness for our hearts.

At the other extreme, there is the reality of the situation in which we live that some may not want to accept – that through the consequences of our actions and of past generations, the earth is crying out to us to protect it and to use its resources wisely, to take what we need and not be massive consumers, as we are today, so that this problem does not get worse.

Angie volunteering in Rincon de la Vieja National Park in Costa Rica

My goal is to make people aware so that everyone can get even more involved in caring for the earth. I recognize that not everyone has time to volunteer, but I am sure that everyone can educate themselves and practice environmental sustainability in their day to day. Citizens can adapt to the present and thus give continuity to life, without a doubt, without haste, without pause, but with desire. This knowledge can be transferred to other people who make mistakes and harm the place we live.

I invite you to take a moment from your daily routine to open your eyes and mind, and immerse yourself in nature, to be able to love it, respect it and, above all, understand it. Know more about what the little piece of land needs where our home and our family are. With that and an awareness of the beauty of coincidences, opportunities and good energies, we allow ourselves to know, believe and value this abundant and blessed land.

The earth heals us, accepts us and changes our pain; a living soil equals well-being.

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