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Meet the inspiring women standing for Action Not Excuses

This International Women’s Day we’re proud to celebrate a few of the inspirational women who are taking action for the planet.

Melita, Narangerel, Prakriti, Faiza, Jezabel, Pabitra are making a difference through the Action Not Excuses campaign in their home countries. As young campaigners, they are taking action to build a better and more sustainable planet. This International Women’s Day, we are proud to celebrate them. 

Melita – Kesho Tutachelewa, Tanzania

As a member of the Action Not Excuses Kesho Tutchelewa campaign, Melita has taken part in a number of tree planting events and clean energy initiatives.

“Part of the goal behind the Kesho Tutachelewa campaign is to support young women to take charge in their families by ensuring the adoption of clean energy sources. This in the long run does not only change their lives and living standards, but also improves human health, reduces vulnerability, and improves economic growth. Our movement is motivating other young people to continue pushing towards positive environment behaviours. A better future cannot be without a little sacrifice.

Narangerel – Urban Nomads, Mongolia

As an environmental activist with the Urban Nomads campaign, Narangerel is working with her team to tackle issues such as air pollution, deforestation, and the impact of urban migration in Mongolia.

“I am giving all sides of mine to the Action Not Excuses campaign, planting trees and giving people knowledge about the ecology. My whole childhood was happily spent near nature where all living things including calves, baby goats, and people can just chill with a stomach filled with food and a mind filled with peace. But in recent years, that peace was wiping out slowly due to harsh environmental changes. That’s why I want to take action for the environment to bring back the happiness that once was ours.”

Prakriti – Kathmandu Recycles, Nepal

Prakriti has a passion for environmental action and sustainable practices. Between her studies in Adventure Tourism, she finds time to join the fight against plastic waste with Kathmandu Recycles.

“Plastic pollution harms the people and planet at every stage of its existence. Action Not Excuse has been a wonderful platform for young enthusiast people like us to uncover the realities of plastic pollution, amplify our voices and take action on the issue of green growth through our campaign- Kathmandu Recycles. I believe small action from individuals will add up to significant progress. Let us all unite for a sustainable future. 

Faiza – Kesho Tutachelewa, Tanzania


Faiza is a passionate volunteer and young climate campaigner. She has taken part in a range of impactful programmes with Raleigh International and is now a leader in the Kesho Tutachelewa campaign.

“I am a woman with big role in climate change within my community. I have managed 138 volunteers into campaign action by planning and organizing activities, such as encouraging the use of clean energy sources and treeplanting. I have enabled volunteers to fight for environmental change through social media with the Action Not Excuses KeshoTutachelewa campaign.”

Jezabel – Dame Chance, Nicaragua

Through her role on the Dame Chance Campaign in Nicaragua, Jezabel trains young people from rural areas on sustainable entrepreneurship and behavioural change. 

I am taking action because damaging practices towards the environment are putting Nicaragua’s ecosystems at high risk while perpetuating inequalities, and poverty. Women, children, farmers, Afrodescendant, and Indigenous communities, are significantly affected. To protect natural resources and communities we need to work towards conscious and resilient societies and that requires youth organization and involvement.”

Prabitra – Kathmandu Recycles, Nepal

Pabitra is a masters student in sociology who is also tackling plastic pollution through her role on the communications team of the Kathmandu Recycles campaign.

“I joined Kathmandu Recycles so that I can contribute towards society and the environment. It’s important for us to join hands together to come up with ideas and solutions to beat plastic and implement laws banning plastic for better future. Traditionally women’s were marginalized and did not have rights and responsibilities, but now women are seen as being powerful and equal to men in society. So now both genders should be equally responsible towards preserving our mother nature.

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