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Raleigh International and Reckitt Redefine WASH Behaviors

A new report shows the power of young people and skills-based volunteers to transform water, sanitation and hygiene behaviours.

A new report shows the power of young people and skills-based volunteers to transform water, sanitation and hygiene behaviours.

Co-led by young Tanzanian, the project known locally as ‘Healthier Lives Happier Homes’ was a result of a two week collaborative innovation sprint between 30 young Tanzanians and 30 employees from health, hygiene and nutrition specialist, Reckitt. By teaming up, the initiative synergised a range of relevant skills and experience to develop an innovative new programme to combat the problem at hand.

Over 12 months the new interventions were delivered by volunteers in 20 communities and in the Kilombero region of Tanzania.

Key findings from the ‘Power of Collaboration’ report

  • The interventions delivered by the project contributed to a reduction of preventable diseases and contributed to a decrease in cases of diarrhoea in the target communities.
  • There has been a significant shift in perceived responsibilities related to WASH, with many community members responding that they no longer believe just women have to manage WASH, but rather it should be the responsibility of both men and women, with just under 18,000 people reporting that they now had a positive attitude to improved hygiene behaviours.
  • The ongoing presence of youth volunteers leading on delivery had a positive impact on the project outcomes by gaining the trust of the communities and encouraged improved sanitation by acting as WASH role models.
  • The collaborative efforts of the Reckitt staff and young Tanzanian volunteers were instrumental in the generation of successful project interventions. The combination of corporate experience from Reckitt employees and cultural knowledge of the young Tanzanian volunteers was key to the generation of the successful interventions delivered.

We know young people can change the world

At Raleigh International we have long known and trusted in the power that young people have to find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. But through the project, we have seen that by combining the perspectives and determination of young people with the strengths and expertise from the business world, we can create a new model for development which can change lives for the better.

Click to read the ‘Power of Collaboration’ report

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