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Raleigh Parent: Why Expedition puts your child "in good stead for the future"

What It’s Like to Experience a Raleigh Expedition as a Parent

Embarking on a Raleigh International Expedition is not just a transformative journey for the young individuals who volunteer their time and passion; it’s an experience that resonates with their parents as well. From the moment their children sign up for an Expedition to the moment they return home, parents undergo a unique emotional voyage filled with pride, concern, excitement, and admiration.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the story of one Raleigh Alumni parent, who has witnessed first-hand the impact of their children’s expedition experiences. Jodie embarked on a Raleigh Expedition to Tanzania in 2014; it’s there, where she created life-changing memories. Jodie met her partner, Chris, on her Expedition, and together, they now share two children. In fact, Rupert, their first-born, is the first Raleigh International baby!

Here’s what Jules, Jodie’s mum, had to say about her experience:

Did you have any concerns before your child went on a Raleigh Expedition?

Yes, I had several concerns! The main one being my daughter in another country, so far away and ‘alone’. I worried about how she would cope without the things we take for granted like electricity, clean water and shops.

How were these met? Did you need to be as worried as you thought?

I needn’t have worried as much as I did. Several messages were sent by myself, and were always replied to promptly.

jodie and her friends taking a group selfie

What would you say your child gained from their experience with Raleigh?

She gained a wealth of experience! She realised that not everyone is as lucky as those of us are that live in places like England.

a group of people posing for a group photo on top of a mountain

Did you notice any changes in your child after their Raleigh trip?

Yes, huge changes. She was more assertive when she came home, more aware of her surroundings and the feelings of other people. She also found herself a brilliant partner, whose life has also changed immensely.

What would you say to any parent whose child is going on a Raleigh Expedition or is contemplating whether they should go?

I would say, yes, you’re going to worry – just like the next parent, but giving your child a chance to experience how people live in other countries and who are less fortunate than them really does give them a humbling experience. Your child will be safe mentally and physically, and it will certainly put them in good stead for the future!

2 woman and people on their back walking in a field

Ready to Explore a Raleigh Expedition for Your Child?

If you want to consider a life-changing experience for your child, check out the Expeditions we have on offer as well as our Parent Information and Advice. We’re here to help you feel fully confident in the experience your child will have on expedition with us!


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