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COP26: Elibarick's message to reverse deforestation

At COP26 over 100 world leaders have pledged to reverse deforestation by 2030. This is vital for our planet's future. Elibarick shares why.

2nd November 2021

At COP26 over 100 world leaders have pledged to end and reverse deforestation by 2030. We welcome the commitment of global leaders to sign this newly signed Declaration on Forests and Land Use. But signing a declaration is easy, we must see actions and policies implemented to make this a reality.

Reversing deforestation is vital for the future of our planet. Elibarick, a young Tanzanian climate activist and member of the Action Not Excuses Kesho Tutachelewa campaign, shares why reversing deforestation is important in the fight against climate change. 

Watch Elibarick’s message on reversing deforestation

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