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Prepare for Raleigh: Bursary support to cover your Expedition costs

Joining a Raleigh International Expedition is the first step in changing your life and making an impact on important projectsHowever, we understand that joining a Raleigh programme, and in particular covering the costs involved, may pose a challenge. That’s why we have been approached to promote bursary support offered by the Gift Friendship Trust, to provide valuable financial support to those who need it. 

Get support with the Gift Friendship Trust 

We are thrilled share that with The Gift Friendship Trust (The Trust) is dedicated to enriching the character and development of young people through cultural exchange. GIFT supports outgoing young UK citizens to establish friendships and direct cultural contacts through visits with indigenous communities in developing countries, (including Costa Rica and South Africa). 

Through their association with Raleigh, Gift Friendship Trust will actively support individuals embarking on Raleigh International Expedition. They are offering grants from £100 to £500 to go toward the cost of a Raleigh programme. 

Pam Brewster from the Gift Friendship Trust says: GIFT Friendship Trust encourages adventure as the experience enriches your life, but does more for others with whom you may interact and these experiences will ultimately influence the rest of your life

You can apply for a Gift Friendship Trust bursary through their website. To be eligible for grant support for a Raleigh Expedition, you must meet all criteria e.g. 

  • Are a UK national and resident. 
  • Have a UK address and contact number 
  • Be aged 16-24  
  • Accepted on a 7 or 10 week Expedition 

All criteria can be found on their website:

Thoroughly review the eligibility criteria and application process to ensure a strong application. Highlight your passion for volunteering, and your dedication to making a positive impact on Raleigh projects. 

Apply for a Gift bursary following the instructions on the website.  


Other bursary opportunities

There are various other organisations that can provide funding support to help you cover the costs of your Raleigh programme.  

Jack Petchey Foundation 

The Jack Petchey Foundation provide a bursary to support eligible young people to have transformative experiences. They support with build personal development and leadership skills. You can apply for a Jack Petchey Foundation grant via the official Jack Petchey Foundation website. Grants are open to young people in London and Essex. Check the different eligibility criteria and start an application via their site. Clearly articulate how a Raleigh International Expedition fits into your personal development journey, and how the experience will contribute to your growth as a young leader!   

Find out more about Jack Petchy grants here.  

The Rotary Foundation 

 The Rotary Foundation offers financial grants, supporting young people in being active citizens and taking action to create lasting change. You must be a member of a Rotary club to access their bursary opportunities with The Rotary Foundation. You can apply via their website. Your application must clearly describe how your project is sustainable, aligns with one of Rotary’s areas of focus, and responds to real community needs.  

Lord Mayors Fund 

The Lord Mayor’s 800th Anniversary Awards Trust was founded with the object of helping young people to undertake projects designed to broaden their experience. They aim to develop their self-confidence and improve their career chances. You can find out more about their bursary and apply on their website. 

South of Scotland Youth Awards 

Supporting young people from the Scottish Borders or Dumfries and Galloway regions to join projects, courses and expeditions in the UK and worldwide, providing an opportunity to broaden their horizons and develop their confidence. Find out more here 

Are you aware of other funding opportunities to support young people joining a Raleigh Expedition?! Get in touch at 

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