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Raleigh International renews partnership with Chadwick Textiles

Raleigh International is proud to announce that UK sports and team wear firm Chadwick Textiles has renewed its partnership for 3 more years.

Raleigh International is proud to announce that UK sports and team wear firm Chadwick Textiles has renewed its partnership for 3 more years.

Raleigh International has worked in partnership with Chadwick Textiles from 2018-2020, in which lots was achieved. In partnership with Chadwick Textiles, Raleigh International has supported young Tanzanians to plant 360,000 trees, build three community-owned tree nurseries, train young people as Natural Resource Management facilitators and educate over 1,100 community members about sustainable forest management. 

Raleigh International is now proud to take our partnership with Chadwick Textiles to new heights as we renew our partnership with them for another three years.  

The new three-year partnership will help create a new generation of young leaders to take action and fight the climate crisis in Tanzania and the UK. Continuing the fight against deforestation in Tanzania, Chadwick Textile will support young people to mobilise others to use clean energy sources and plant 130,000 trees by 2024. While in the UK, their support will create 35 Access Fund places for Re:Green, the new UK programme, which will provide financial support to eligible applicants so that young people from a wide range of background can take part and become young leaders for the environment.  

The Re:Green Access Fund provides fundraising support to eligible applicants.

The Chadwick team will also undertake a personal environmental action this year, taking on Raleigh International’s Tree Planting Action Challenge. They will join the wider Raleigh community in planting over 7,000 trees across the UK to raise awareness about the importance of tree-planting and the global need to improve tree cover.  

Joel Chadwick, Managing Director at Chadwick Textiles said:

“Chadwick textiles are once again delighted to partner and sponsor Raleigh international for a further 3 years. Building on the urgent and valuable work they and their dedicated volunteers have committed to in Mufindi, Tanzania (something I was fortunate enough to have witnessed myself first-hand). We are equally excited by the new challenge the Re:Green programme  presents as it’s starting to take shape here on our doorstep in the UK. We sincerely hope that our continued support for Raleigh will further highlight the vital work they do on all our behalf’s given the global climate emergency we can’t ignore.”

James Sutton, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Campaigns and Communications at Raleigh International, said:

“Raleigh International has deeply valued the support of Chadwick Textiles since 2018, so we are pleased now to renew our partnership with them so we can continue to deliver change with them for another three years. Their commitment to being a responsible business and driving sustainable change with us over the past three years has helped to support hundreds of young people to take action and tackle deforestation. Without the financial support of partners like Chadwick Textiles, young people would not have access to the tools and skills they need to become young leaders. This is why we are delighted to continue this partnership and to build on our shared vision to tackle climate crisis in Tanzania and the UK.”

Projects funded by Chadwick Textiles commenced in June 2021 and continue until June 2024.

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