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Why you should NOT join a Raleigh Expedition

A Raleigh Expedition is not for the faint hearted. Why would anyone want to travel the world, experience adventure, see new cultures and make an impact on meaningful projects in South Africa or Costa Rica?! 

Not convinced?
Maybe a Raleigh Expedition is for you after all

Adventure and challenge is so overrated - right?!

You'll question your path in life

Stepping away from everyday routines and into a different world can open up new careers routes you never thought of before. After 10 weeks in the African bush or Costa Rican rainforest, it may change your view of that office job or grad scheme. Considering new opportunities may present you with curveballs, but you can bet they will all lead to great things. 

You might get addicted

There is something about Raleigh which brings many Venturers back time and time again. Donning that Raleigh backpack to embark may give you the buzz you need to move forward in life. So if you want to do it again – why not?! Raleigh addiction only gives you more opportunities to grow and to create even more impact where it counts.   

You might end up with a new best friend

Nothing creates greater bonds than conquering an adventure trek together and completing an impactful Expedition project. These are the recipes which form long-lasting friendships. It may be hard to leave these friends behind, but think about how amazing it is to make connections from all around the world! 

You'll get FOMO being off social media

Do you get Fear Of Missing Out? Do you need to be connected to your social media feed at all times? Then expect to get over that on Expedition. On Raleigh you will escape the pressure of social media trends on a digital detox. You will disconnect from the online world and connect with the real world instead, living and working in remote areas where you’ll immerse into new communities and nature. 

There's no 5-star accommodation

But how about 5 million star accommodation instead?! Trade in hotel beds for nights under the stars. You will be camping in stunning locations and hear the sounds of the African bush or the Costa Rican rainforest while you sleep out in the wild.   

It’ll break your heart when you leave

With great love comes great heartbreak. Joining a Raleigh Expedition is full of many incredible moments and opportunities, it can be difficult to leave. The end of Expedition is usually a moment full of tears and emotions, but that is only a sign of just how incredible the experience really is.   

You can see it all on TikTok anyway

Sure, experiencing travel through TikTok and Instagram might save you a lot of time and money, but it’s got nothing on the real thing. Stop scrolling and liking, and start experiencing! Your travel adventures will also give you the chance to detox from the online world.  

It’ll make home life feel boring

It’s hard to get back to home life after life out on an Expedition. You might get used to being around friends 24/7, or get used to the bush and jungle cuisines. This can make coming home a challenge. But, this challenge only shows you how much you have developed on Expedition and how incredible your experience was. 

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