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Meet The New Team: Continuing To Make an Impact in Costa Rica

Introducing our Deputy Operations Managers, Administrator, Fieldbase Medic, and Logistics Team

Deputy operation Managers – James M and Alejandra

The Deputy Operation Managers are responsible for overseeing all Expedition operations and providing support for all the volunteers and volunteer managers in the field.

James M

Headshot of Deputy Operations Manager in Costa Rica - James M

James was previously a Raleigh International Citizen Service (ICS) Team Leader in Nepal delivering livelihoods projects. After finishing ICS in July, James was determined to take a greater challenge and experience a new culture in a different part of the world. “I feel passionate about helping individuals develop and having a positive impact on the communities where Raleigh operates. “



Headshot of Deputy Operations Manager in Costa Rica - Alejandra

Alejandra was an ICS team leader in Nicaragua and also took part in a previous ICS programme in Costa Rica. She has completed a degree in marketing and communication and has a focus on translating from English to Spanish. “I am looking forward to being able to practice speaking English in a professional setting. Also, this experience will be pushing me out of my comfort zone and working with Raleigh aligns with my personal goals and will be very useful for my future.”



The Administrator ensures all projects are ready to go and have responsibility for day to day running of fieldbase.


Headshot of Administrator in Costa Rica Tina

Tina has previously worked with teams of volunteers as part of her charity work in the UK. Tina is currently on a career break and decided to volunteer with Raleigh to get a new experience. “I have experience travelling the world and am eager to discover a new culture and country.”

Fieldbase Medic – Sophie

The Fieldbase Medic oversees the medical care of volunteers and volunteer managers.


Headshot of Fieldbase Medic in Costa Rica Sophie

Sophie graduated from medical school three years ago and has most recently been working in A&E and medical admissions. She took a course in wilderness medicine and pre-hospital trauma to prepare for the Expedition. “I am most looking forward to supporting the volunteers and helping them achieve their goals even when they think they can’t. I am also looking forward to working with a dynamic group in a new country and putting my skills to use outside my normal environment.”

Logistics Team – Helen, James GC and Tom

The logistics team ensure that all volunteer groups have everything they need during their Expeditions.


Headshot of Logistics Team in Costa Rica Helen

Helen is driven by a desire for social justice and has experience as a social worker in the UK. She wanted to come out to Costa Rica to understand the social challenges in a different cultural context. “Raleigh gives the chance to both live and work in communities and the length of the project gives us a sense of ownership from beginning to end.”

James GC

Headshot of Logistics team in Costa Rica James GC

James has previously volunteered with Raleigh in India in 2011. He is currently taking a break between finishing university and starting a career and has decided to use this opportunity to come out to Costa Rica to get a fulfilling experience from of his year out. “I’ve never been to Central America before. I chose to come with Raleigh because I wanted to give back to the local communities and learn about their culture.”


Headshot of Logistics team in Costa Rica Tom

Tom is interested in international development and has volunteered with children’s charities in London and recognises the powerful effect that youth engagement can have upon a community. “I am looking forward to experiencing new cultures and meeting exciting people who are passionate about making a difference.”

Communications Officer – Ross

The Communications Officer gathers content to keep the outside world updated on the progress and achievements of Expedition projects and volunteers.


Headshot of Communications Officer in Costa Rica - Ross

Ross has previously volunteered in Uganda during a gap year and has since studied and worked in games development. Ross has a passion for traveling and discovering more about local cultures. “I’m looking forward to discovering more of this fascinating and beautiful country and working with Raleigh to have a positive impact upon it.”

Photographer – Michelle 

The Photographer works closely with the communications officer to provide visual materials that capture our development impact.


Headshot of Photographer in Costa Rica Michelle

Michelle has volunteered before but her professional experience is predominately studio work, so she is looking forward to getting out into the field.  She previously worked as a picture editor for Comic Relief and since then has wanted to create content for charities. “Sustainable development has been important to me ever since I volunteered to build infrastructure in Borneo when I was eighteen. I am most looking forward to meeting the indigenous communities that we will be working with and capturing the beauty of Costa Rica.”

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