Hurry VMs, we can’t wait to see you!

8th June 2013

Tomorrow lunchtime we’ll gain ten project managers (PMs), two more adventure PMs, two more medics and two new Fieldbase staff, too. We’re more than a little excited about them coming!! 

We’ll post up some photos to introduce them properly once they’re here, but in the meantime we thought we’d treat you to a sneaky peek of our final preparations before they arrive.

(The advance team had planned to head out on safari yesterday on one of our rare days off, but we decided to postpone this trip and head to a local pool to cool off, instead… We hope you’re not too disappointed to miss out on the spectacular sights of Mikumi National Park, we promise to post some photos of the wildlife here soon!)

Once the other VMs are here, we’ll be going through a full Raleigh induction and training schedule together until the venturers join us in just over a fortnight’s time. Some of our days will be spent camping out at WAMO (basecamp) and visiting the project sites, but we’ll also be spending plenty of time here at Fieldbase. As you can imagine, we’re somewhat restricted for beds and showers in the house, so the Logs team have been busily setting up tents and outdoor showers in preparation!


– Adam, Claire, Rosie, Kris, Hendrick and Zola all chip in to set up the VMs’ tents –


– and the showers go up, too, with a little help from Mr Frederick, the groundskeeper –

Logs store

– Claire, Adam and Rosie clear space in the Logs Store ready for the arrival of porridge, crackers and more porridge –

The final task for the day is taking Zola for a long walk in an attempt to curb her boundless energy and give the VMs a fighting chance of making it through the front gate….



A quick note – thank you so much to those who have already sent through comments, we love to receive them, and they’ll be even more important once the PMs and venturers start to head out onto project sites! If your message relates to one of the blog posts or is a message of general encouragement to the Expedition 13D team, it will be published here on the site. If it is a message for a specific individual, it will be passed directly to them. Please do rest assured that ALL messages will be passed on.

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