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ExCEL empowers Youth to connect and fight against climate action

Excel Empowers Youth: Behavior Change Campaign & Fight Climate Action

There is a say that international cooperation is vital to keeping our globe safe, commerce flowing, and our planet habitable. With the support from Norway government, Raleigh International in partnership with NOREC are implementing south to south exchange cooperation known as ExCEL (Exchange for Campaign, Empowerment and Leadership) to empower young people on campaign design and leadership development. Since its implementation in 2018 Raleigh through its national societies have been able to empowers more than 25 youth from Tanzania, Nicaragua and Nepal on campaign design and leadership whereby they conducted formative research and data analysis around behaviours that will lead to adoption of sustainable farming methods and clean energy source in Tanzania and Nepal..

In addition to campaign design and leadership development, ExCEL programme was great opportunity for youth to connect, interact and learn from each other’s culture.

“With NOREC I had great time of learning about people’s culture and lifestyle as well as connecting with different people from different parts of the world. This has contributed to my career development and has positively changed me on cultural perspectives. During camps in Norway we received different leadership and cultural training which has built me professionally.”

Salim Mwazembe ExCEL participant 2019

Also, the programme was an opportunity for these young people to grow professionally taking an example of Scholastica an ExCEL participant in 2018 who is now working as a project officer at Raleigh Tanzania said.

“While working in NOREC programme and ExCEL project we were trained on project cycle which involved conducting formative research and design behaviour change campaign. And now I’m working as project officer for Raleigh Tanzania and part of my job is to conduct formative research on WASH related issues and come up with intervention to help communities to change their behaviour and adapt to good sanitation and hygiene. My work has been easy because of the prior knowledge I acquired during my NOREC exchange programme”.

Scholastica Mbilinyi, ExCEL participant in 2018

In 2019, 6 youth from Raleigh Tanzania Society had an opportunity to join NOREC exchange program known as Exchange for Campaign, Empowerment and Leadership. During the program they conducted formative research on clean energy source where they came up with two behaviour interventions which are the use of gas and making and usage of briquettes known as paper charcoal, these interventions were piloted in 6 communities from Tanzania and Nepal on behaviour change tackling the sustainable development goal number 13, climate action.

Society members from Raleigh Tanzania, Nicaragua and Nepal are conducting data analysis during placement.

ExCEL project has been a huge support to the young people, taking example of the training acquired during NOREC exchange programme on campaign design and leadership has assisted young people from Raleigh Tanzania Society to design and implement two behaviour change innervations on climate action and pilot them on the second Youth for Green Growth (Y4GG) campaign which started last year.

To read more about the second youth for green growth campaign kindly follow Raleigh Tanzania Society social media links below






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