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Raleigh Nicaragua young people hit the headlines with climate stories

Young people from Raleigh Nicaragua have been collaborating with The Mirror to gather important climate reports from their home country.

4th February 2022

Over the last few months young people from Raleigh Nicaragua and their Action Not Excuses campaign, Dame Chance, have been collaborating with The Mirror to gather important climate change stories from their home country. Read their stories from the climate emergency and how Raleigh young people are fighting for change.

Marcos, Hixell, Grethel, Hanzell and Jocelyne are all members of the Action Not Excuses Dame Chance campaign. Through their work with the Daily Mirror, they have create a range of impactful climate change reports on issues that affect people in their home country.

Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America, with almost 25% of the population living in poverty. Just 0.8 tonnes of CO2 are emitted per person, compared with 5.4 tons in the UK. Yet they are the ones bearing the brunt of climate destruction.

Unnatural dust storms affect the city of Leon every summer due to the demand for peanuts and the country is battered by hurricanes which are likely to intensify in the next decade due to climate change. They cause landslides which destroy homes and livelihoods.

Their reports are insightful, impactful and powerful in sharing the impact of the continued climate emergency.

Read their reports on the Daily Mirror website.


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