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Tackle Climate Change: Call to Action for This Generation and the Next

Tackling Climate Change

If the issue of climate change is not tackled now, the NEXT generation will always blame THIS generation. My name is Faidha. I have been volunteering with Raleigh, Tanzania, since 2018 on volunteer projects. Still, this year I had an opportunity to join Raleigh, Tanzania’s ExCEL program. This project focuses more on tackling climate change through the Action Not Excuses Kesho Tutachelewa (“Tomorrow is too late”) campaign.

volunteering holding plants

Through the #KeshoTutachelewa campaign, I have been participating in tree planting events, community demonstration events on using gas and briquettes, and carrying out radio interviews and online conferences to raise awareness of climate issues. Through our work, we aim to emphasize the need to adapt to clean energy sources and to plant trees to restore nature and reduce the effects of climate change.

Climate change is real, and people are threatened by it. The effects of climate change won’t just be harmful to the current generations, but it will create an unknown future for the innocent next generations. There have been previous periods of climate change in history. Still, the current climate crisis is the most rapidly growing climate change ever as humans influence global warming daily. This is why I have been participating in a lot of tree-planting events and using my time to educate other young people on climate change. I believe that with every tree I plant, I will help someone who will one day be grateful for this tree.

volunteer planting a tree outdoor

Leaders must act

The climate crisis is growing, but who is responsible for tackling this? The answer is everyone. But world leaders must be in the frontline to ensure this is happening. The question is how?

Leaders need to take strong actions to introduce laws and bylaws concerning climate change and ensure they are implemented and well understood by everyone. For example, banning the burning of plastic bags is a problem here in Tanzania and worldwide.
There must be provision of enough budget to young people who are passionate about climate change so they can campaign and develop green enterprises.
They must help raise more awareness to the majority, as many people are unaware of climate change, and some do not know how to reduce its effects.
Start a special curriculum taught in schools from an earlier level of education, like nursery and primary schools, so that kids will know about climate change and take action when they are still young.
Sustainable energy is a problem in Tanzania that we are tackling through the Kesho Tutachelewa campaign. Leaders must support the producer of briquettes and gas so that they will produce enough supply for everyone at affordable prices.

locals and volunteers having a group photo holding their plants

Young people can join forces to tackle climate change

But while world leaders discuss the crisis, young people can be the way out of the climate crisis. Young people comprise a quarter of the world’s population, and many worry about climate change. Because of this, we can join forces, use our different skills and insights to provide solutions to the climate crisis, and reach other people easily.

We all know it is today’s children and young people who will face the effects of climate change, and this is why young people, like Greta Thunberg from Sweden and us at Raleigh, Tanzania, have been taking action and fighting back against climatic change. As young people, we must know that we are the last generation to end climate change, so we must act now.

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