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First Aid Guidance for Project Manager

It is compulsory for all Project Managers and Health and Wellbeing Coordinators to be first aid certified. There are no exceptions.

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Health and Wellbeing Coordinators will need proven experience in using their First Aid certification. E.g. working with St. John’s Ambulance, as well as a certificate for their Mental Health First Aid Training.

Once you have completed your First Aid course, please submit your certificate via your Pre-Departure form to your Volunteer Coordinator. If you have previously done a first aid course and have a certificate, please check that it is still valid and in date and meets the requirements below before you upload the certificate.

Course requirements

The First Aid course must be for adults or adults & children (not just children) and must have a practical component (it cannot be solely an online course)*.

Please make sure the course includes the following:

  • Dealing with an emergency including the ABCD approach
  • Resuscitation/CPR
  • Unresponsive person
  • Assessment of situations
  • Basic Hygiene in First Aid
  • Shock
  • Minor injuries
  • Seizures
  • Chocking
  • Broken bones, strains & sprains
  • Wounds
  • Burns
  • Diabetic Emergencies
  • Heavy Bleeding
  • Vital signs
  • Environmental considerations
  • Head and spinal injuries

Recommended courses

British Red Cross

St John’s Ambulance

If you choose an alternative First Aid course, it should be ITC/Ofqual, Qualification Wales, SQA approved and met the criteria above. If unsure whether a course is suitable, please check with your Volunteer Coordinator. We also encourage you to improve your understanding of common mental health issues.

Mental Health First Aid

We strongly recommend all Volunteer Managers undertake some form of Mental Health First Aid Training. In the same way, as we learn physical first aid, Mental Health First Aid England teaches people how to identify, understand and help a person developing a mental health issue.

It is not a compulsory requirement*, but they do provide a 2-day course in Adult Mental Health First Aid and an introductory three-hour Mental Health Awareness course.

*This is compulsory for all Health and Wellbeing Coordinators*

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