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Raleigh Expedition for schools

Teachers – Arrange a tailor made expedition, from 1-4 weeks, for your school.

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Developing a generation of teachers and active global citizens

Since 1984 Raleigh International has been developing leadership and resilience in young people. We want to make these learning outcomes accessible to a wider range of young people, through Raleigh School expeditions.

“My son has recently been a venturer in Costa Rica and I can see the growth in him from his experience, beautiful to see.”

Raleigh Alumni Parent

“One of the best aspects has been watching young people develop.”

Greg, Raleigh Volunteer Manager

We passionately believe in the power of experiential travel to shape attitudes, lives and our world.

Embarking on a Raleigh School Expedition is a unique opportunity for students to step out of their comfort zone, learn new skills, and experience different cultures whilst supporting sustainable, established projects that genuinely benefit the communities and countries we operate in.

As Learning Outside The Classroom members, we know that providing real-world learning can help students become more engaged in their education and create enthusiasm for learning. Evidence also shows that learning outside the classroom helps raise achievement and improve classroom behaviour.

What are Raleigh Expeditions for schools?

Raleigh School Expeditions are bespoke experiences which combine adventure with Service Learning.

Expeditions take place both in the UK and overseas and can last between 2 and 4 weeks. Whether it’s hiking in the Scottish Highlands, supporting marine conservation in Zanzibar or supporting a community project in Cape Town, we offer young people positive, authentic, fun and life enhancing experiences.

Student benefits and learning outcomes

Through a Raleigh School Expedition, students gain new knowledge and unique experiences. These support University applications and personal statements and help young people develop character and invaluable life skills such as:


Leadership: Students take the lead on the success of their expedition by being responsible for liaising with communities in they chosen country.

Initiative: Students will need to identify issues and challenges that may arise and work to address these.

Inter-personal skills: Students will need to work with their peers at school and on expedition, Raleigh staff, local community elders, local community staff and the local community.

Self-awareness: Throughout the programme, students will be encourage to identify their own strengths and weaknesses and how they can positively contribute to the team.

Resilience: By travelling to different communities, students will be challenged by being away from home comforts, technology and immersing themselves in a different culture and environment.


Understanding of global issues: Students will be heavily immersed in our projects, which aim to support long term issues in the developing world.

Cultural understanding: Students work alongside local communities in various parts of the world, helping them learn from and gain a deep understanding of other cultures.


Problem-solving: Students will help produce ideas to help with real world scenarios in the developing world.

Commitment: Students will be signing up months before the Expedition and may also have to commit to fundraising for the Expedition.

Presentation skills: Students will reflect on their learnings as a group and plan and deliver a presentation in school.

Raleigh International is a ASDAN registered centre: This means students can apply for credits to support their university application.

Team-work and collaboration: Students will need to work as a team to achieve their goals, such as reaching the summit of a mountain or developing ideas to address real-world issues.

Destinations and cost

We will work with you to find a package that works for you but below are some examples of destinations and costs (including flights). Click any country to connect with us to discuss in more detail.

Make an Enquiry

Raleigh Costa Rica has been operating since 2001, students will support their established environmental projects and embark on an adventure trek. 

From £2,200 per person for 3 weeks.

Travel by train, Hike in the Cairngorms, Wild Camp and support a local conservation project. 

From £879 per person, for 10 days.

Hike in the Ciucas Mountains and work with local farmers and rangers on deforestation issues. 

From £999 per person, for 10 days.

Support ongoing, established community projects and embark on a thrilling 3-day rafting trip down the Zambezi!

From £1,999, for 2 weeks.

Take part in a 5-day hike, community projects and experience an incredible safari.

From £1,999, for 2 weeks.
“Raleigh is not afraid of giving young people real, and I mean real, adventure.”

Martin, Raleigh Volunteer

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Why choose Raleigh International?

Raleigh International has over 40 years of experience running specialised Expeditions for young people. We offer real adventure without compromising safety.

  • 40 Years’ Experience
  • Ethical, Sustainable Long-Term Projects, developed in conjunction with the local communities
  • Permanent on the ground infrastructure in Costa Rica, Zambia and South Africa
  • Students can engage with the destination pre departure and stay in touch post expeditionWe’ve learned that if a community has total buy-in and ownership of a project – and a student is truly informed about their own role and contribution to this – experiential travel has the power to transform both a community and a young person.
  • We look to combining genuine impacts with extraordinary experiences.
  • 24/7 Global emergency support network
  • Financially Robust
  • Fully compliant with UK Package Travel Regulations