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Unleashing Confidence Through Adventure

A chat with adventurer Sue Stockdale

13th June 2024 – 18:00 GMT

In our 45 minute webinar with Sue, we will delve into her life; how Raleigh unlocked her confidence, and why she believes that embracing adventure and challenge can set YOU up for the future.

  • The inspiring story behind Sue’s Artic expedition. 
  • Tips on conquering challenges and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone so you can live a life of adventure.  
  • Insights into how you can develop an adventurer’s mindset so we can all grasp life with two hands. 
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Overview of Sue's inspirational journey

A polar adventurer, athlete and motivational speaker, Sue Stockdale is an inspirational force. She made history at the age of 29 as the FIRST British woman to ski to the magnetic north pole in 1995 and has since led of a life of adventure and impact as a trailblazer who knows all about the power of embracing challenge.  

But before her world-famous artic endeavour, Sue Stockdale took on a Raleigh Expedition to Kenya at the age of 22. There she discovered her passion for exploration and making a difference while conducting scientific and community projects.

Since then, Sue has embarked on numerous Raleigh Expeditions, as well as other adventure challenges, and has continued to inspire young people through her role as a coach and supporter of different charities. She has also continued to carry the Raleigh flag as an active member of the Raleigh UK Society. 

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If I asked you to think of an adventurer, what comes to mind?

For Sue growing up in Edinburgh, adventure was something reserved for men, particularly men with a lot of resources. But then something happened, Sue was selected to undertake a Raleigh Expedition to Kenya. This experience shifted Sue’s perception of what an adventurer is.

Being an adventurer shouldn’t have anything to do with your class, gender, ethnicity or any other physical or societal characteristic, but it does have everything to do with your mindset.

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