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Our Healthy Lives, Happier Homes program adapted to global challenges

Determination, creativity & commitment; How our Healthy Lives, Happier Homes program adapted to global challenges

In February this year, Wave 2 of Healthier Lives Happier Homes commenced. Twenty volunteers ventured out into the twenty communities they had been working closely with to implement the next stage of the programme. Unfortunately, we had to suspend this programme midway through due to coronavirus. Although our physical presence in these villages ended, our desire to make the project a success did not.

The team got creative – it was vital that this relationship continued without putting anyone at risk. They continued to engage with the Babbas of the villages online and through regular phone calls delivering parts of the project, promoting good hygiene messaging to pass on to their families and the wider communities. Jedica, an RB volunteer, tells us why she was so committed to ensure this project continued:

“I am still committed to this project because I believe in what Raleigh does. Their work inspires me to continue being part of this organization. Also, I am self- motivated and passionate to serve local communities. I believe that when I use my knowledge, skills and abilities effectively. I can bring about positive hygiene behaviour changes. Before Covid-19, I was one among the volunteers who took part in delivering the RB wash project in villages and I saw for myself the impact it made on hygiene practices. Therefore it was an easy decision for me to agree to continue to volunteer as communities need our help now more than ever.” – Jedica – Alumni & RB volunteer

Currently Raleigh Tanzania staff, with the help of Jedica, an alumni volunteer are delivering WASH messages to the HLHH communities. Methods of approaching communities are varied and expansive. We are continuing to engage with WASH teachers, parents, Babbas & village leader using phone calls, text messages and also through the creation of a radio jingle played on local stations. The dedication is clear, as in the first week of June, Raleigh Tanzania was able to contact 237 beneficiaries through phone calls alone. Thankfully, it seems like the hard work is paying off:

“Raleigh has been a big part of why we were able to survive the current disease, because they have taught us all good hygiene practice, and most importantly, teaching us about hand hygiene and how to build tippy taps. As us babbas had knowledge of how to build tippy taps, we could assist our community. It is the easiest and cheapest way to wash your hands so was accessible for the whole village. Having the online delivery and regular phone calls has been a good way of still reminding us what we learned and what is yet to come after Covid-19.” – Babba, Emanuel Mvunye

Currently we plan to re-commence Wave 2 delivery in late August this year where volunteers will return to villages. We hope by then it will be safe to do so. Whatever happens, we will continue to support this project by any means possible.

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