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For young people. For the planet: We ask for YOUR support in our Christmas fundraising campaign

From 30 November to 7 December, have your donations doubled and help us raise £60,000 to change the lives of disadvantaged youth.

This Christmas we are asking for YOUR donations to raise £60,000 and change the lives of disadvantaged young people. Donate between 30th November – 7th December and your donation will be DOUBLED.

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is the UK’s biggest match giving campaign that gives you the opportunity to double your donations to the causes you care about the most.

Through the Big Give Christmas Challenge, we are asking for your donations to help us raise £60,000 to support disadvantaged young people to join the Raleigh International Re:Green programme, so that they can build skills for the future on climate projects.

Why support disadvantaged young people?

Across the UK, thousands of young people grow up in disadvantage. Through barriers they face from within their communities and wider background, many young people are prevented from thriving in education and employment, stopping them from reaching their full potential in later life.

For many of these young people, the global pandemic has had a devasting impact. Disruptions in education and increasing unemployment has exacerbated inequalities and closed many learning opportunities for young people. Recent statistics show 13.4% of 16–24 year-olds are unemployed compared to a national average of 4.1% among other ages,[1] with those with the lowest level of education being the most likely to face unemployment and poverty.

We believe that EVERY young person – no matter their background – should have the opportunity to develop the skills and experience they need to reach their full potential.

The Raleigh Re:Green programme equips young climate leaders.

We are asking for your donations to our Re:Green Access Fund, which will directly support 30 disadvantaged young people to join the Raleigh International Re:Green programme. The Re:Green Access Fund opens the door for disadvantaged young people to engage in climate initiatives by providing a fully-funded opportunity to join Re:Green.

The Re:Green programme gives young people the opportunity to learn key personal and professional skills, while also taking part in projects that contribute to the conservation of the UK’s most precious natural landscapes in the West Highlands of Scotland. Through the programme young people learn vital skills such a teamworking, problem-solving, adaptability and leadership, whilst also being upskilled in environmental and nature training so they can be leaders in climate action.

Support young people like Freddy.

Freddy joined Re:Green in October 2021 through the Re:Green Access Fund. After becoming homeless, he spent time living on the streets before finding support through The Amber Foundation.

“Being homeless, I saw the best and the worst in people. There’s a lot of violence on the streets… It’s very easy to feel abandoned because no one is helping you and it’s extremely frustrating. And the more you’re trying to fight, the more barriers come up.”

It was through the Amber Foundation that Freddy heard about Re:Green. Through the Re:Green Access Fund, Freddy took part in a 2-week Re:Green programme, where he had the opportunity to join a trek and take part in nature conservation work in Scotland’s Western Highlands. Through this programme, he was able to learn new skills and has been inspired to strive for a leadership position in the army.

Changing THEIR world changes THE world.

We know that young people are the way out of the climate crisis. But the ability to take climate action should not be exclusive. Climate action should be open to EVERY young person.

With your support we want to close the gap in social mobility so that all young people, no matter their background, can engage in projects that give them skills for employment and become environmentally aware.

By donating and investing in young people to join climate projects, you can help build a generation of skilled young leaders who will meaningfully contribute to our society and pioneer the climate campaigns, green jobs and sustainable businesses of tomorrow.

To invest in young people is to invest in a better future for everyone. Support disadvantaged young people to change their world, reach their full potential and become leaders in climate action. For young people. For the planet.

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