Former volunteers join together to launch UK alumni survey

30th April 2020

Former volunteers join together to launch UK alumni survey
So who are we? We are a group of former Raleigh International volunters who came together in 2019 as the UK Alumni Advisory Group (AAG). We’re made up of 13 UK alumni who have volunteered with Raleigh across its 35-year history, so our shared experiences are incredibly special to us. Volunteering gave us an opportunity to work with an international team, to challenge ourselves, create positive change and to learn about the world. Recognising that there’s a shared human experience that connects and bonds all alumni, we want to create a UK national alumni society (like Raleigh alumni have set up in lots of other countries) that allows us to keep the spirit of teamwork, adventure and progress alive! We want this group to be led by alumni, by you, with support from Raleigh. With your help, together we would like to explore alumni opportunities, networking, connections and experiences – including taking action in our local communities with the support of other Raleigh alumni. This isn’t just for London – this is for the whole of the UK. For the AAG to better understand our wider UK alumni community we have put together a simple survey with the following objectives:
  • Reach out, re-engage and collect feedback from Raleigh’s UK alumni community
  • Learn about our amazing alumni community and your interests
  • Find out what UK alumni-led societies or groups you’d like to see and take part in
  • Identify future alumni engagement opportunities
By taking the survey, you will help shape the future of our UK alumni community. In these challenging times, we find ourselves looking back to the best, most inspiring and adventurous times of our lives and Raleigh stands at the forefront of those memories for a lot of us. A new UK alumni society will (when it is safe to do so) enable us to connect with each other, support each other and lead positive change in our communities. It’ll be a lot of fun too! COVID-19 has shown us that now, more than ever, collective action is needed for better futures. Global challenges won’t wait. In what is a truly challenging time for us all, we hope you’re all able to keep safe, healthy and as happy as possible as we live life in lockdown. We really would love to hear from you and to connect with you, so thank you for taking your time to read this, for taking our survey and helping to shape the UK alumni community! Please remember to share the survey with your friends and former teammates. Thanks and stay safe, Jazz, Jeremy, Sue, Kate, Matt, Lorraine, Sophie, Rachel, Lauren, Ally, Jacob, Oscar and George (the Raleigh UK Alumni Advisory Group).

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