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Freshening the lungs of Mongolia’s capital: 4,000 trees planted by Urban Nomads

On National Tree Planting Day in Mongolia, Urban Nomads said #ActionNotExcuses by planting 4,000 trees near Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar.

27th May 2021

On National Tree Planting Day in Mongolia, the Raleigh Mongolia Society’s Urban Nomad’s campaign stood for Action Not Excuses by planting 4,000 trees around Mongolia’s capital city Ulaanbaatur.

The Bogd Khan Mountain overlooks Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar, and is a protected site with UNESCO World Heritage status. But in recent years many hikers have observed that the forest ecosystem is deteriorating, especially around the pathways to the peak.

40 members of the Raleigh Mongolia Society and approximately 800 volunteers from Ulbaanbaatar have planted 4,000 larch trees in the mountain in their effort to improve forest density in the area, while also contributing to tackling air pollution in Mongolia’s capital.

“If we can grow successfully all these 4,000 larch seedlings, we are greatly contributing to the forest density and the production of oxygen for the city citizens. Air pollution in the winter in Ulaanbaatar is horrible and by planting larch trees, native and in the majority of the forest ecosystem in Bogd Mountain will help us to freshen the lungs of the capital city.”

– Anu, Raleigh Mongolia Urban Nomads

The tree-planting initative was conducted by the Raleigh Mongolia society and their environmental campaign Urban Nomads, working toward the global campaign Action Not Excuses to tackle the climate emergency through natural solutions.

Urban Nomads is a campaign run by young people in Mongolia as part of Raleigh International’s global climate campaign Action Not Excuses. Find out more about the work of Urban Nomads and Action Not Excuses.

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