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How to care for your wellbeing during COVID-19

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Keep to a schedule and routine

When our every day routines are pulled from under us it can really knock us for six. But as things start to settle down, it’s beneficial to find and maintain a sense of routine for your own mental wellbeing. Set your alarm for the same time each day and make sure to stick to your regular lunch time. It really helps!

Don’t overexpose yourself to the news

Have you been scrolling through endless news feeds recently? When news changes so quickly, it can be easy to constantly wait for the latest headlines. But this can be overwhelming and keep you feeling on edge. Give your brain a rest by only checking the news at set times, and make sure to look out for positive news too!

Know the facts

There is a lot of false information out there which can feed into your anxiety in an already stressful time. Make sure you have the facts before allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by social media rumours. Rely on trusted sources such as government guidance, the World Health Organisation and news agencies like the BBC.

Talk to someone

It’s true what they say about a problem shared. If you are feeling stressed and anxious, speak to those who are close to you about it. The chances are you are not alone in feeling like this. There are helplines you can call if you want to speak to someone outside your friends and family.

Don’t be harsh on yourself

Many are having to adapt to new living and working environments, yet you still may feel the pressure to be getting on with things as if nothing has changed. The truth is, this is simply not possible. Things have changed, and it will take time to get used to it. So be kind to yourself if you aren’t as productive or on form as you usually are.

Have virtual fun

We should all be spending a lot of time indoors, but that doesn’t mean our social lives have to end. There are lots of virtual ways to get rid of your isolation. Get on FaceTime, have group calls, play games with friends online. We’re lucky to live in such a digitally connected world, so make the most of it!

Helping other people helps you

In times like this, we need to find ways to support each other. Responsible, socially distant help can make a big impact on someone else’s day, but also your own. Helping others boosts our happiness by giving us a sense of purpose and reward. So reach out to support those neighbours that need it, because when we help each other everyone wins.

Plan for the future

In these uncertain times you may think it is a bad idea to make plans. But actually, this might be the best time for it. It’s always good to have something to look forward to, so plan that holiday and make that list of places you’ll visit with friends. The time will come when you can put your plans into action, so don’t be afraid to get ahead!

If you are struggling with your wellbeing help is always available. Check out these helplines for further information on finding support

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