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How YOU can support Ukraine

Although we may feel helpless as war continues in Ukraine, we know as a global community we all have the power to help in some way

2nd March 2022

In times of war and conflict, we can feel overwhelmed and powerless to the injustice unfolding around us. At the heart of Raleigh International there has always been a community of active citizens who are determined to affect real and positive change. So although we may feel helpless as war continues in Ukraine, we know as a global community we still have the power to help.

In the face of war, these are a few of the things you can do to support Ukraine.


A range of charities and humanitarian organisations are taking action to support those affected by the conflict. These are just a few which have launched financial appeals:


The UN estimates there are now at least 160,000 people in Ukraine who have fled the war and are displaced within their own country. The EU believes that figure could climb to seven million, and that 18 million Ukrainians will be affected by the war.

Many people will need clothes, blankets and other essential items. Donation centres have opened across the country. Here are just a few donation spots across the UK, but with many more popping up across the country, make sure to check your local media outlets to find the donation centre closest to you.

Please check with your local donation hub before you turn up with supplies, as some donation centres are currently overwhelmed and may not be accepting any new donations.


Write to your MP to demand safe passage for refugees fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. Many countries have the means and power to support the countless people displaced by the war, but to do this they must change their policies. If you live in the UK, click here to find out who your MP is and their contact details to demand better refugee support.

You can also voice your support for refugees to parliament by signing this petition.


Since the invasion began in Ukraine, thousands have taken to the streets to voice their outrage. It is likely that marches and demonstrations will continue over the coming days and weeks. If you want to peacefully speak out and show your support for Ukraine, find a demonstration near you to attend. The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain is sharing demonstrations and shows of solidarity around the UK via its Facebook page, as is the Ukrainian Solidarity CampaignStop the War Coalition.

Before heading out for protests, make sure that you are aware of your rights as a protester. 

Are you taking action for Ukraine?

As a global community we must stand together in solidarity for Ukraine. We know that the Raleigh International community is made up of active citizens working to make the world a better place. If you are running a project or campaign to support those affected by the war in Ukraine, we would love to hear from you about your work.

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