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Early this morning UK and Indian volunteers were spotted running around fieldbase in a confused state. It would have been a strange site for passersby, but in actual fact they were on a mission to find their UK and Indian team leaders.

June 28, 2013
One Big Family

After a challenging few days in the jungle, the Project Managers just about had time for a shower and a hot meal before being shipped out to various national parks, remote communities, trails, volcanoes and beaches across Costa Rica and Nicaragua for three days of project planning.

June 27, 2013
Delta 1

Expedition paparazzo Erin caught our intrepid adventurers at the WAMO gates as they escaped for a day of trekking and a night of camping under the stars...

June 27, 2013
HCV dance

The waiting is finally over! The venturers have joined us, and now the adventure can really begin.

June 26, 2013

Over the last few days we have been out in the Danum Valley Conservation Area conducting a recce for the forthcoming project.  The conservation area consists of primary rainforest, providing an extremely challenging environment for ourselves and our fellow volunteers.

June 24, 2013

Working in partnership with Yayasan Sabah and Petronas, the Raleigh project team will continue to establish basic infrastructure within the Imbak Canyon Conservation Area . The main focus of the project is construction of a second suspension bridge, as well as trail clearing and other conservation work.
Establishing infrastructure in the heart of the rainforest allows the Conservation area to achieve class 1 protection, which prevents any logging taking place. The area is one of the last untouched and unexplored areas of primary rainforest in Sabah, with new infrastructure enabling access for important scientific & conservation activity. The area has strong biological value & rich biodiversity, and consequently has been cited as a seed donor for other environmental regions in need of re-forestation.

An initial Project Planning Visit  involved meeting with local rangers to discuss project expectation & plans, risk assessments of the work & accommodation sites, reviews of medical evacuation plans, a visit to the local hospital, and trial set-up of radio communications to the Fieldbase.

The visit was a big success, and both Raleigh & the project partners are looking forward to work commencing in two week’s time.

June 24, 2013