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Raleigh International becomes proud members of 1% For The Planet

We are thrilled to have recently joined a network of like-minded organisations dedicated to creating a better and more sustainable world.

We know the environmental crisis is complex – but there is only one solution: action.

Raleigh International is immensely proud to have recently become a non-profit member of 1% for the Planet. 1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual memberships and everyday actions.

As new members of 1% For The Planet we have joined a global movement that brings non-profits, charities and businesses together to increase smart environmental giving.

“Amid all the urgent issues facing our planet, only 3% of philanthropy goes towards environmental giving. Through the power of Raleigh International’s youth-led conservation programmes, our goal is to generate meaningful partnerships with businesses and individuals across the world so together we can accelerate the impact young people are providing on the environmental crisis.”

Simon Brett, Corporate Partnerships Development Manager at Raleigh International

Through the 1% for the Planet model, businesses members of the organisation support approved environmental non-profits, such as Raleigh International, through donating the equivalent of 1% of sales through a combination of monetary, in-kind and approved promotional expenses.

We are thrilled to join a network of like-minded organisations dedicated to creating a better and more sustainable world.

Is your business up for supporting environmental change?

Do you have any business supporters of our youth-led environmental programming that is interested in joining 1% for the Planet? Do you want to place your business at the heart of turbocharging youth-led environmental action via the 1% for the Planet network?

Reach out to our Corporate Partnerships Development Manager, Simon Brett on, to find out more about how your business can support positive change through Raleigh International.

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