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Raleigh Nepal Volunteers reflect on #WorldWaterDay

On World Water Day, Raleigh Expedition Volunteers in Nepal share what they have learnt about the importance of water projects.

21st March 2022

15% of Nepal’s population, particularly those in rural areas, are not reached by safe water and sanitation infrastructure and the water supply coverage in Gorkha and Makwanpur districts is far below the national average. Many communities collect water from sources that are unsafe and provide insufficient quantities for domestic and agricultural use.

Raleigh Expedition volunteers in Nepal are working on projects to improve access to water, sanitation and hygiene facilities. On World Water Day, they reflect on the importance of water projects in Nepal.


Sophie, Raleigh Nepal Expediton volunteer

Approximately 2 billion people still live without safe access to a clean and local water source, meanwhile approximately half of the global population live without the means of safe sanitation.

I decided to volunteer with Raleigh International as part of the Nepal WASH project as I believe it is paramount that everyone should have a safe and local water source which can be used for: drinking, washing, cooking and agricultural purposes. I took part in digging pipelines to enable a flow of clean water to the new tap stands that are being constructed in the villages of Jaljale and Harda. Additionally, I took part in multiple hand washing presentations to primary school aged children, supporting them the 7 key steps to effective hand washing, with the aim of promoting good hand hygiene.

World water day celebrates clean water and raises awareness of the people who are still living without it, and I hope that my actions in Nepal create a positive impact in the villages I’ve worked in. The education of future generations is crucial to create a positive impact on these communities and to tackle the clean water crisis.

Andy, Raleigh Nepal Expedition volunteer manager

From my experience in the community, I have learnt the value of water, both economically and for health purposes as well since many diseases spread rapidly through water. I have found it shocking that some people do not have clean water to drink when it is so essential for life, and also shocking how much of peoples’ days here, in the community, are spent walking to and from the water sources carrying such heavy loads.

I’m very proud that I have been able to assist in the digging of trenches for the water pipes that will bring clean water direct to these peoples’ houses. I know it will positively impact both health through higher quality water as well as the economical position of those in the community who can find more beneficial activities to undertake during the time it takes to walk miles each day carrying water.

The volunteers taking action for water in Nepal

“World water day has often passed me by, but being here in the community of Harda has made me realise that water can be a day to day struggle for some” – Archie

“Raleigh WASH project in Nepal highlights how access to safe, affordable clean water is the basis for healthy, prosperous livelihoods for everybody in the world” – Josephine

Water is an essential human right, everyone should have access to clean water, and the sad thing about today is not everyone in the world has access to clean, fresh water – Alex

“We don’t appreciate how important water is to our daily lives and coming to Harda has made me realise how crucial it is” – Maddie

“I think of all the communities out there in the world that don’t have access to safe, clean water, and it drives me forward in the work were doing out here.” – Dom

“Before Raleigh I didn’t realise World Water Day existed, but now I am more aware of the struggles faced by a large number of people across the world” – Lottie 

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