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What Raleigh Expedition means to us

Adventure. Learning. Friendship - Raleigh Expedition Volunteers share one word which sums up Raleigh Expedition to them.

6th May 2022

On a Raleigh Expedition our Volunteers have the opportunity to contribute to meaningful sustainability projects whilst living in rural communities that they would not get to chance to live in otherwise. At the end of their Expedition in 2022, our Volunteers shared a few of the words which came to mind when reflecting on their time as a Raleigh Volunteer.

Volunteers share what Raleigh Expedition means to them.

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We have over 37 years experience in delivering, safe, fun and responsible programmes whilst creating long-lasting change in the communities we work. Raleigh International prides itself on being a truly global organisation which is why over 50,000 people from over 100 countries have volunteered with us. Volunteering with Raleigh International is special because by joining you not only create a positive global impact, but also develop personally and gain employability skills that will boost your job prospects or academic performance at college or university.

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