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Why Join Raleigh As a Venturer Manager

Why Join Raleigh As a Venturer Manager

Have you ever wanted to travel off the beaten path? Or do you want to develop your leadership skills while working on meaningful projects? Maybe you want to facilitate young people’s personal development while they positively impact the environment and underserved communities?

Our Venturer Manager positions provide the perfect opportunity for anyone aged 25 or older to challenge themself, expand their horizons and have a life-changing experience.

As a Venturer Manager, you will oversee the smooth operation of our Expeditions by helping our projects come to life, supporting Venturers and pioneering meaningful projects in our Expedition countries.

Working as a Venturer Manager will not only allow you to experience the best parts of a Raleigh Expedition, but it will also provide you with the opportunity to develop valuable skills and claim rewarding experiences.

Here Are the Many Reasons Why to Consider Becoming a Venturer Manager

1. Make a Difference

As a Venturer Manager, you will lead and inspire Raleigh Venturers to create lasting change in remote, underserved communities.

We work closely with local community members before, during and after our projects to ensure our work has a lasting impact. You will be a leading force in making those plans and projects come to life. By taking part in our Expeditions, you will be contributing to meaningful projects that address critical issues like sustainability, education, and healthcare on an international scale.

2. Experience Professional Growth

During your time on Expedition, you will develop a valuable skillset that will help set you up in your professional career. As a Venturer Manager, you will become a confident and inspiring leader to our young Venturers and improve your management and organisational skills as you ensure the smooth operation of our projects. You will also develop vital cross-cultural communication skills as you work alongside our trusted partners and community members.

At the end of Expedition, you can expect to create a glowing resume with all the skills you have acquired!

3. Embrace Adventure    

Whether you are working in the rainforests of Costa Rica or alongside the incredible wildlife of South Africa, you can be assured that your time with Raleigh will be a life-changing adventure.

We work with remote communities nestled in breathtaking natural landscapes. On Expedition, you will get a chance to see authentic ways of life, learn about different cultures and experience untouched natural beauty all while contributing positively to the community.

4. Find your Community     

The Raleigh family is a tight-knit group of like-minded individuals. On Expedition, you will meet people from all walks of life who share similar passions for making a difference and contributing to positive change.

After Expedition, you can expect to have formed lifelong relationships with fellow Venturer Managers and a network of peers from across the world.

5. Enjoy Personal Fulfillment        

While you will reap many personal benefits from joining an Expedition, you can also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your work has contributed to making the world a better place. You will have the unique opportunity to witness firsthand the positive changes your efforts bring to communities and environments. Whether it’s watching young students thrive with better educational resources, or helping preserve endangered ecosystems, the impact of your work will be tangible and profound and will leave you with a feeling of deep accomplishment and pride!

6. Diverse Experiences    

On Expedition, no two days are the same. As a Venturer Manager, you can escape the monotony of everyday life and enjoy the new opportunities each day brings. Your work will be dynamic, engaging and exciting as you problem-solve and adapt to new challenges every day.

What Does Venturer Manager Really Do?      

We have a range of roles available to potential Venturer Managers, including Project Coordinators, Content Creators, Photographers, Wellbeing Leads, Logistics Coordinators, and Expedition Medics.

Each of these roles requires a specific skill set and offers different responsibilities. Think about what skills you have to offer or what passions might assist you in your position as Venturer Manager. With our diverse roles, you could find the perfect fit!

Read What Our Past Venturer Managers Have to Say     

Sign Up to Join Raleigh as a Venturer Manager! 

If you are looking to get outside of your comfort zone, develop your professional skills, experience different cultures and make a positive impact, becoming a Venturer Manager is the perfect opportunity for you!

Sign up today and change the course of your life!

This blog was written by Georgie Whitehouse

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