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4 ways a Raleigh Expedition can change YOU

How volunteering on a Raleigh Expedition can change you

Volunteering abroad in South Africa or Costa Rica for 7-10 weeks can feel like a daunting experience, especially if you haven’t travelled far before! But we KNOW that these experiences can shape your future, change your mindset and widen your perspectives.

This is how. 

So, how can a Raleigh Expedition change you? Here’s some key takeaways that embarking on a Raleigh Expedition can do for you: 

It will boost your confidence

When you’re living and breathing alongside strangers, it’s amazing how quickly you become self-aware, independent, and strong. Communicating with new people brings a wealth of interpersonal skills – it allows you to adapt to new environments, stand up for yourself, learn compassion and build connections. Plus, without the distraction of modern technology, confidence becomes a key factor in expressing who you are, and what you stand for! 

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Team picture South Africa Raleigh Expedition

Give you a sense of purpose

Sometimes there is no better way to get to know yourself and your worth than becoming a volunteer. Travelling in general can boost your personal growth, but volunteering really puts into perspective how important your impact can be on changing the lives of other people. On our Raleigh Expeditions, you provide for communities and the local environments. From building educational facilities to clearing pathways in conservation areas, you are creating a positive impact now, and for future generations. 

Help you discover new passions

When you’re studying or working full-time, it’s hard to find the time (and sometimes the motivation!) to discover extra-curricular activities or hobbies. Encountering a different way of life in a brand-new country brings so many exciting opportunities to learn and develop new interests. Some previous Raleigh Expeditions have seen volunteers dive off the coast of Borneo, with one volunteer becoming so invested in the discovery of a new hobby, that they went on to qualify as a master diver. 

Who knows what passion you could discover on an Expedition! 

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Grow your practical and leadership skills

Working and living in a new country allows you to develop skills you possibly wouldn’t think to learn…or didn’t think you could do! Community projects involve building sustainable food gardens, and facilities such as school buildings or accommodation for teachers. Not only will it give you a chance to learn physical skills, but it also gives you the opportunity to work on leading a team, taking initiative, and interacting with new people 

Build your confidence, discover your passions, grow your skillset on an adventure with purpose, and find out exactly how volunteering can change you. Join your Raleigh Expedition in South Africa or Costa Rica in 2024.

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