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Love is Love: Raleigh Nepal Celebrate Pride Month

Starting on the 11th June, the Raleigh Nepal Society launched their web series ‘Knowing the colours of the rainbow’ to improve knowledge and awareness of LGBTIQ+ issues among Nepali youth.

Created with the aim of improving understanding around LGBTIQ+ issues young people face in Nepal, the web series provides a space and forum for young people to learn and hold discussions about homophobia and the ways to combat discrimination and prejudice facing the LGBTIQ+ community.

A poster for the Raleigh Nepal Society web series on Pride Month

Through their sessions, the Raleigh Nepal Society have engaged with other LGBTIQ+ organisations and speakers, as well as sharing resources with young people on LGBTIQ+ issues. For one session, they aired the documentary ‘Blues of Pink, a Nepali documentary shining an important light on the trans community in the Terai region of Nepal.

Through their webseries young people in Nepal are doing their bit to create a fairer, equal and more inclusive society. Members of the Raleigh Nepal Society have shared why it has been important for them to take action this Pride Month.

“The past decade has been victorious in terms of acknowledging LGBTIQ+ identity. But still this is a mere privilege for a very small portion of the LGBTIQ+ community [in Nepal]. I believe there is still a long way for everyone to accept that diversity exists.

– Prakriti, Raleigh Nepal Society

“Celebrating Pride Month is essential to familiarize people all around the world regarding the existence, essence and struggle of the LGBTIQ+ community. It’s crucial for people to realize the diversity of human life and develop a natural instinct to accept everyone as they are.”

– Aayusha, Raleigh Nepal Society

“At the National Raleigh Society Nepal we are not only youth based, but we are also youth-led, and we strongly believe youth are the change makers. ‘Knowing the Colours of Rainbow’ is all about knowing or celebrating the life,  sex, nature, serenity, spirit, diversity, inclusivity of the LGBTIQ+ community. This is a platform where we discuss the struggles, celebrate the existence and pride of LGBTIQ+ community.

– Manasa, Raleigh Nepal Society