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No Phones on Expedition: What our Volunteers say

Our No Phones on Expedition Policy has started the national conversation on the impact on mobile phones on travel experiences. As featured in The Telegraph, our new policy aims to support you, our volunteers, to have better experiences on your Expedition.

Hear it first from our volunteers on how they have found the no phones experience.


Erin, SA volunteer

“I was apprehensive initially at the idea of being without my phone, especially not being able to contact my family and friends. I was so used to having it on me, and I would constantly check it without having a reason to, but after a few days on Expedition it felt completely normal and I stopped thinking about my phone altogether.

“I don’t need it. Not having your phone makes you realise that nothing really happens on it. You don’t miss anything at all.”

“I think phones can definitely be harmful long term. Not having my phone has stopped me comparing myself to others and I’ve become more independent. Without it you learn how to rely on yourself and others. There were things I thought I’d never be able to do, but you learn that you’re capable of a lot more than you think.”

“Another benefit is that I don’t waste time on social media. I’m more present within what is happening around me. When I get back home I will try and limit my phone use so I can be more engaged in everything and appreciate my surroundings more.”

Read more about our No Phones on Expedition Policy.


George SA volunteer

“I was worried about being out of contact with my friends and was feeling fear of missing out. It’s been a bit difficult not keeping in contact with people I talk to alot and it has been hard not being about to take photos but it’s not been as bad as I expected, it’s been surprisingly nice take a break from my phone.

“One benefit of not having my phone has been that I have been sleeping better as I’m not staying up later on my phone watching stuff. I think in future I’ll try and limit my use of my phone in the evening to improve my sleeping habits.”


Tom SA Volunteer

“I knew that I wouldn’t have access to my phone while on project and Trek. The idea of not having a phone wasn’t a problem or a concern. The problem was losing my ability to quickly gain access to current news/events, and look up quick facts.”

“Until now, I hadn’t really thought about my phone. I’m enjoying not having access to my phone; I’m missing watching movies and content on my phone, otherwise it’s not bothered me.”

“I’m learning new things and learning new things from different people in the group.”

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