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Packing Tips for your Raleigh Expedition

Heading off on your Raleigh Expedition soon? Amazing! 

We’ve put together some packing tips for your Raleigh Expedition. Learn a few tips and tricks that will help you pack a stress-free backpack for your adventures! This is not a ‘must-have’ list, we do have some packing guides that detail all your basics – these are just some ‘hacks’ to make your life easier! 

1. Packing Cubes

You may have seen these, or already own them, if you’re a well-versed adventurer – this might be the best packing tip! Packing cubes are reusable fabric compartments that help you to store items. They’re the perfect way to keep everything organised, clean and easy to reach. You can get different sized cubes for different types of clothing, equipment, or even miscellaneous items you want to keep safe, like notebooks or accessories. You can even use packing cubes to separate the clean and dirty clothes – perfect for keeping clothes fresh for longer! 

Extra tip – Add labels to your packing cubes for even easier organisation! 

packing cubes

2. Prioritise your belongings, and use multi-functional gear!

When packing your gear, make sure to opt for items that could serve more than one purpose. For example, a lightweight raincoat that also serves as a windbreaker, a bowl that also serves as a mug, or maybe a bandana that could also be used as a handkerchief or for sun protection on those particularly warm days!  

It’s also worth thinking about what you’d like to take, versus what you *need* to take. For example, taking pictures to remember your Expedition might be top of your priority list, so make sure you have room to store a camera safely. Maybe you’ve packed a few too many t-shirts…can you sacrifice style for space?! Or perhaps you’re more of a writer than photographer. Down the camera, grab a notepad, pens or pencils and jot down your experiences instead! 

two people sat in front of a tent and round cooking equipment

3. Bring a bum bag!

It’s all fun and games having a neatly organised backpack, but when you’re halfway up a mountain on day 3 of your trek – you need things to hand! Having a bum bag allows you to put all the items you may need frequently, such as snacks, a water bottle, sunscreen, or a map, within easy reach.  

4. Toiletries, and keeping your stuff smelling good!

As much as we’d love to bring the bathroom cupboards with us, space saving, and being eco-conscious is super important! Try switching from shampoo and conditioner bottles, to shampoo and conditioner bars. Not only are they much more eco-friendly, but they’ll be much smaller and easier to store in a reusable case. The same applies to body wash, and face products. Only bring what you need to maximise space and keep the weight of your backpack down!  

If you’re worried about running out of deodorants or body sprays, or just want your clean clothes to smell a little fresher, pack a bandana (as mentioned earlier!) and pop some essential oils on it just before you leave. This can sit in your backpack and leave your items smelling good for longer. And, if the scent wears off, you have another item of clothing to use  – perfect! 

eco friendly shampoo bar


Packing your backpack for an Expedition can be both a practical exercise and an exciting part of trip preparation. By applying these tips, you can ensure a streamlined and stress-free packing process, leaving you more time to focus on the adventure with purpose that awaits you! 

We hope these packing tips for your Raleigh Expedition were useful, happy packing and safe travels! 

Find out what to expect on your Raleigh Expedition, and make sure you’re prepared for your adventure with purpose!

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