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Impactful Partnerships: Raleigh Approach to Successful Collaboration

Our mission to facilitate transformational experiences for young people, where they can reconnect with people and nature while impacting local communities, relies on the strength of our partnerships.

Through effective collaboration, we believe it is possible to change the world! Therefore, we take special care in selecting our partners and ensuring our collaborations serve our Venturers and local communities.

This is what we do to foster impactful partnerships and create lasting impact.

Unlock Raleigh's secrets to impactful partnerships and achieving collaborative success.

The Importance of Partnerships

The combination of volunteering and tourism can often be shrouded in negative connotations. Some “voluntourism” organisations take shortcuts to ensure maximum profits while only having a short-term impact on the communities they are serving.

At Raleigh, we take a different approach. We work closely with local communities before, during, and after our projects, to ensure that our efforts have a lasting, positive impact. This not only benefits the communities we work with but also ensures that our Venturers feel fulfilled knowing that their work is truly making a difference.

Global challenges like climate change, inequality and poverty affect communities worldwide and are issues many young people want to help combat. Through meaningful and effective partnerships, diverse expertise, resources and skills can be combined to create impactful change.

Raleigh's guide to building impactful partnerships and fostering successful collaboration.

Impactful Partnerships in Action

1. Costa Rica

Our Expeditions in Costa Rica connect young people with indigenous communities to tackle local challenges, including education, water and sanitation accessibility. Our Venturers work with local community groups, the Ministry of Education and Parents’ Associations to repair school infrastructure and plan action days alongside community leaders and school staff.

Teamwork is essential during the Community project phase. As a Venturer, you will develop skills in communication, leadership and negotiation by working with your teammate, in turn ensuring the community’s needs are met.

2. South Africa

In South Africa, our Venturers work side-by-side with local experts to reduce poverty in rural areas. During the Community project, you will improve access to educational facilities and work closely with our non-profit partner Nourish.

Nourish is an established and respected organisation that increases the standard and availability of education in disadvantaged communities and creates safe spaces and resources for children to learn, develop and grow.

3. United Kingdom

This summer, our younger Venturers will work closely with Till The Coast is Clear to contribute to important plastic pollution clean-ups on the British coast.

Established by Raleigh alumni, Till The Coast is Clear aligns with our mission of combating climate change and working towards a sustainable future. Since its establishment, Till The Coast Is Clear has successfully removed more than 22 tons of plastic and other waste from the South Devon Coast.

Climate change is a global issue and young people will bear the brunt of its effect. We are dedicated to empowering young people to take meaningful action to shape a better future and build sustainable communities. Through partnerships like this, we can pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Discover Raleigh's proven methods for successful collaboration through impactful partnerships.

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