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Tomorrow is too late: 9,000 trees planted in one month

#KeshoTutachelewa – Tomorrow is too late – is an environmental campaign designed and delivered by young people in Tanzania to tackle climate change through the planting of over 10 million trees in Tanzania.  Working in partnership with young people country-wide, they are inspiring the next generation in Tanzania to become champions of the environment.

Through the month of February, in six events held across Dodoma, Morogoro, Iringa, Siha Kilimanjaro, Hai Kilimanjaro and Arusha, young people worked side-by-side local schools, government officials and organisations in their movement to offset the impact of vast deforestation in their country.

Gerald, a leading member of the Raleigh Tanzania Society and the Kesho Tutachelewa campaign, said:

“The best way to tackle climate change is planting more trees. Our country was ever green in past years and we all loved that. It’s now a time to bring back our green we want to get back our normal life through doing more tree planting events. We appreciate support of the government on this initiative, especially through the forest officers who have shown the interest to support the delivery of our future events.”

Through the tree-planting initiative in February, young people in Tanzania have planted:

  • 1000 trees in Morogoro
  • 3000 trees in Iringa
  • 1025 trees in Dodoma
  • 1250 trees in Hai Kilimanjaro
  • 1807 trees in Siha Kilimanjaro
  • 1027 trees in Arusha

These numbers add up to an impressive total. Since December last year, the Kesho Tutachelewa campaign have now planted a total of 60,599 trees across different part of Tanzania, mobilising 6,523 community members who have supported with reforestation.

By working directly school children and local authorities on these events, young people driving the campaign have ensured that their work is sustainable and that the responsibility of tackling the climate crisis through tree-planting continues to be shared.

Young people are making a big impact in Tanzania, but their work does not end here. Through the Kesho Tutachelewa campaign they will continue to run reforestation initiatives, to advocate for the implementation of positive environmental policies and to mobilise a generation of young Tanzanians to act for the future of their communities, their country and their earth.

The #KeshoTutachelewa campaigns do not end here –  it is a movement. Find out more about the campaign through the Raleigh Tanzania Society social media channels.