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Celebrating the Completion of Water Tank in Shree Krishna Tol

Working With the Community to Construct a 14,000L Water Tank

In the first half of their project, Raleigh volunteers worked alongside the community to construct a 14,000L water tank to improve water access for everyone in Shree Krishna Tol. To celebrate the completion of the water tank, Pusparaj, the oldest member of the community, and Rajeep, the leader of their Water User Committee, officially opened the water tank along with the Raleigh volunteers.

Water Flows for the First Time

With the opening of the new water tank, water began to flow to the new tap stands built in the community. One by one, each of the water taps was turned on for the first time.  It was a priceless moment seeing the local’s reaction to seeing the water flow from the faucets; they were ecstatic.

Leader of the Water User Committee opening the tap stand with the locals

Reflections from Volunteers

Raleigh volunteers Maisy and Wisse shared their thoughts on the completion of the project:

“I loved seeing how happy the community was to see the water come out of the tap. It felt like an achievement and an ending of our project and was a real accomplishment with everyone there. It was a shared moment with the volunteers and the community. I would describe this moment as the best moment in Raleigh for me. It was an ending of our project, and it’s amazing to leave the community knowing that we have made a difference and changed in this community.” – Wisse.
“It’s so nice to see the result of all our hard effort. While digging pipeline trenches, it was hard to see the outcome, but it was special to be here when the community started to benefit from it. It’s good to see the project completed so we can leave knowing that it’s done.” – Maisy

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Volunteer washed his head through the running water from the new tap stand

Sanitation Improvements

In addition to improving water access, the team also built three new latrine pits and several handwashing stations to improve sanitation across the community.

Raleigh Volunteer Manager Joe shared his thoughts on the team’s decision to build an extra toilet pit for a family in need:

“Digging toilet pits is hard work! As we neared the end of the project, we had completed our digging quota and were excited to finish labor work. But after meeting a family who looked to need an extra toilet in their home, we were confronted with a dilemma about whether we could dig an extra toilet pit. It felt like the right thing to do – this family had a significant need – so we discussed it with our team of volunteers. I was so impressed by our team because they were adamant that they wanted to take on the extra work of building one more toilet pit for a family who needed it. This was a fine example of our volunteers’ dedication to making an impact on those that need it most!”

a group of volunteers inside a pit

Final Thoughts

Completing every Raleigh project is an emotional but rewarding moment for Raleigh volunteers. The Raleigh volunteers’ efforts in Shree Krishna Tol are aligned with the United Nations’ global initiative to enhance water and sanitation conditions worldwide, ultimately positively impacting communities in need. We take great pride in the contributions made by each volunteer towards this project, knowing that their work will bring about long-lasting change.

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