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Why a Gap Year Isn’t Just for Students

People often associate the concept of a ‘gap year’ with students who are finishing university, or perhaps about to start an exciting new career. However, adventures and Expeditions with purpose slip under the radar for those who are beyond this ‘age of the traditional gap year’. A gap year, especially in the context of a Raleigh International Expedition, isn’t just a chance for students or young professionals—it’s an exciting, impactful opportunity for everyone, including those seeking a career break, a sabbatical, or simply even a profound journey of personal growth and adventure.

Become a Volunteer Manager on an Adult Gap Year

So why consider a Raleigh International Expedition for Volunteer Managers as your gap year for adults? 

1. Taking Career Breaks and Sabbaticals

For those navigating the challenges of a demanding career, or doubting their chosen career path, taking a break can be a refreshing and powerful experience. A Raleigh International Expedition can be a great career break gap year option, or sabbatical. A chance to step out of familiar routine and experience a contrasting way of life – a chance to hone leadership skills, navigate complex situations, make crucial decisions, and inspire volunteers through visions of positive change, in diverse and challenging environments.

If you find yourself at a crossroads, becoming a gap year for adults as a Volunteer Manager can help reevaluate your goals and priorities, and reignite passion and purpose into everyday life. Exploring personal growth and professional development whilst working in diverse and challenging environments encourages Volunteer Managers to rejoin their professional lives with newfound enthusiasm and clarity!

south africa volunteer and volunteer manager on trek

2. Embracing Adventure and Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

We all know that travel isn’t confined to youth; adventure has no age limit! Being a Volunteer Manager with Raleigh, you can venture far beyond your comfort zone, and engage in hands-on projects amongst volunteers. Conquer the challenge of building a classroom for a local community, or testing your agility on a Pura Vida trek! The thrill of exploring diverse cultures and involving yourself in projects creates a lasting impact, and a renewed sense of adventure, are all important parts of taking an adult gap year.

Working on a Raleigh expedition can provide inspiration for future travel, projects, or even hobbies. Nick, our Photographer and Volunteer Manager for our South Africa Expedition in Summer 2023, told Raleigh: ‘It’s massively boosted my portfolio. It’s been a dream of mine to become a wildlife photographer for a good number of years…It’s so helpful for the future.’

volunteers trekking south africa

3. Personal Growth Through Global Impact.

Raleigh Expeditions are not just about travel; they are about making a tangible difference in the communities and environments we live and work in. For example, Raleigh works with the United Nations on a number of their Sustainable Development Goals, working towards zero hunger, quality education and climate action. Raleigh International also works closely with community leaders, partners, and conservationists. Together, we agree on the problems we are helping to resolve and how our volunteers can help to achieve these.

Our gap year jobs for adults and all our projects offer a unique opportunity to contribute to sustainable development while undergoing transformational personal growth. The combination of impactful project work and immersion in different cultures allows us to explore global perspectives, enriching future professional and personal experiences.

Vm and volunteer South Africa

4. Building Your Network, and Friendships!

Beyond the allure of adventure, a Raleigh International Expedition is a platform for networking with like-minded individuals from various backgrounds and professions. For those in their mid-twenties and beyond, this presents an opportunity to build a diverse global network. By fostering connections that extend beyond the Expedition, there is potential to open doors to new collaborations and career paths. Age should never be a barrier to creating lasting memories and forging new friendships! 

Raleigh International expeditions for Volunteer Managers promises unforgettable moments of camaraderie, shared achievements, and the joy of creating impact together on your adult gap year. These experiences become unique and truly special memories that can only be shared with your fellow Raleigh Alumni. And speaking of Raleigh Alumni, once you’ve completed your Expedition, you will automatically become part of a huge Alumni network. What better way to reminisce on your experience, than reminiscing with 55,000 others?!

volunteer managers in costa rica

Why Everyone Should Take A Gap Year

A gap year with Raleigh International isn’t confined to the realm of students—it’s an invitation for anyone 25+ to embark on an adult gap year, which will be a transformative journey of adventure, personal growth, and impactful global contributions. So whether you’re on a career break, sabbatical, or simply craving change, a Raleigh International Expedition promises an extraordinary chapter in your life story. Embrace the unknown, redefine your limits, and discover a world of possibilities that transcends age, offering a bridge to a future enriched with adventure, growth, and purpose!

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