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We’re excited to announce Expeditions will return this summer.
Join us – Change re-starts here.

We believe young people can change the world. So, Raleigh Expedition equips young people with the skills, experience, and connections to be leaders of change. Young people who volunteer with us will have the chance to build their skills on an adventure leadership trek, create real lasting change working together with communities on the community project and combat one of the biggest challenges facing us today through the environmental project.

You will work on sustainable development projects in remote communities and partner with host country volunteers to ensure maximum, long lasting and sustainable impact.

Join Raleigh Expedition to ignite your passion for change and equip yourself with the skills to mobilise action on the issues you care about.

It is time for Action Not Excuses. Tomorrow is too late. Change starts here.

Community | Environmental | Adventure

Expedition encompasses a variety of up to three projects and experiences, that combined give our volunteers the opportunity to create change in themselves as well as in the environments and communities where we work.


You will live and work with local communities, improving facilities and influencing new behaviours that will support communities in the future. You will partner with schools and community groups to create awareness about the importance of handwashing and safe water, building water tanks, toilet blocks and handwashing stations; or help improve access to education building schools in indigenous areas.


Environmental projects give you the chance to play an active role in combating climate change. You will work to sustain natural resources with reforestation initiatives and infrastructure improvements, giving vital access to protected areas. You will work alongside local communities to change habits, for example, promoting firewood alternatives and encouraging the development of a more diverse range of crops.


Adventure projects give you the chance to trek through incredible sceneries whilst developing your leadership and teamwork skills. We start and finish our treks together, but you and your team will navigate the route yourselves. It gives you a chance to go back to basics and learn to be self-sufficient, appreciating the environment we live in.

Don’t just take our word for it, see why people choose Raleigh Expedition by looking at testimonials and reviews from past volunteers.

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Where can I go?

Choose where to volunteer abroad below.

Tanzania Covid-19 update: at this time we have ‘paused’ delivering our programmes in Tanzania in 2021. See our Covid-19 update for more information.

We have chosen these countries because they have large youth populations and volunteers can make the greatest impact. They all face issues relating to water and sanitation and are heavily affected by climate change. We work in rural areas because the people that live there are often the most marginalised. They tend to have poorer access to basic services, lower education levels and a worse standard of living than those in urban areas. Women and children are often the most disadvantaged.

How long can I go for?

10 week Expedition The 10 week Expedition is the most immersive of our Expeditions, allowing you to join us for almost three months overseas. Take part in three different projects, across three different locations.
7 week Expeditions Take part in two different projects in two different locations, where you can choose to work on a Community or Environmental project, alongside an Adventure Leadership Trek.
4 and 5 week Expeditions Our shortest Expeditions are our programmes running for 4 or 5 weeks in July and August. On these programmes you will have the opportunity to work on a Community or Environment project, in addition to a short Adventure Leadership Trek phase.

Expedition dates

Click the dates to choose when to volunteer abroad below.

Secure your place on Expeditions from July 2021 onwards! Please click here for more information on our Covid-19 response and our future plans.

July – September 2021

Costa Rica

Dates Weeks Availability Application deadline
12 Jul – 26 Aug 7 Limited places 24 May 2021
06 Jul – 03 Aug 4 Full 14 May 2021
22 Jul – 19 Aug 4 Limited places 30 May 2021
September – December 2021

Please note: these dates are indicative only and subject to change at this time. Please check our Covid-19 update on why changes may be required.


Dates Weeks Availability Application deadline
26 Sept – 02 Dec 10 Places available 02 Aug 2021
30 Sep – 16 Nov 7 Places available 05 Aug 2021

Costa Rica**

Dates Weeks Availability Application deadline
29 Sep – 01 Dec 10 Places available 04 Aug 2021
03 Oct – 05 Dec 10 Places available 09 Aug 2021
21 Oct – 03 Dec 7 Places available 26 Aug 2021

** Please note – these dates are currently under review and subject to change but will remain late Sep to early Dec. Changes will be confirmed soon, updated here and all applicants notified by email.

February – April 2022


Dates Weeks Availability Application deadline
08 Feb – 17 Apr 10 Places available 14 Dec 2021
08 Feb – 27 Mar 7 Places available 14 Dec 2021
02 Mar – 17 Apr 7 Places available 05 Jan 2022

Costa Rica

Dates Weeks Availability Application deadline
16 Feb – 25 Apr 10 Places available 22 Dec 2021
16 Feb – 04 Apr 7 Places available 22 Dec 2021
08 Mar – 25 Apr 7 Places available 01 Feb 2022
June – September 2022


Dates Weeks Availability Application deadline
01 Jul  – 07 Sept 10 Places available 06 May 2022
01 Jul – 17 Aug 7 Places available 06 May 2022
23 July – 07 Sept 7 Places available 30 May 2022
07 July – 09 Aug 5 Places available 12 May 2022

Costa Rica

Dates Weeks Availability Application deadline
29 Jun – 05 Sept 10 Places available 05 May 2022
29 Jun – 15 Aug 7 Places available 05 May 2022
19 July – 05 Sept 7 Places available 24 May 2022
29 Jun – 27 July 4 Places available 05 May 2022
30 July – 27 Aug 4 Places available 02 June 2022
September – December 2022


Dates Weeks Availability Application deadline
12 Oct – 19 Dec 10 Places available 17 Aug 2022
12 Oct – 28 Nov 7 Places available 17 Aug 2022
03 Nov – 19 Dec 7 Places available 08 Sept 2022

Costa Rica

Dates Weeks Availability Application deadline
09 Oct – 16 Dec 10 Places available 11 Aug 2022
09 Oct – 25 Nov 7 Places available 11 Aug 2022
29 Oct – 16 Dec 7 Places available 05 Sep 2022

If an Expedition is full, call us on +44 (0)20 7183 1270 to talk about your options or +1 833-660-9738 if calling from the US.

How much does it cost?

As a charity we talk about fundraising rather than costs and set a minimum fundraising target. This contributes towards Raleigh’s programmes and secures your place. We encourage everyone to do some fundraising activities for their Expedition.

Our Expeditions are about prioritising long term impact, not profit. By joining you will be contributing towards the long-term goals of Raleigh International.

We offer lots of ways to help with fundraising and we have supported thousands of young people to reach their target. We also offer a limited places supported by our Bursary Fund.

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to find out more about Raleigh Expedition, attend one of our information events or download a copy of our Expedition Guide which shares more information on the projects our volunteers contribute to and the countries we work in.

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Volunteer abroad for over 25 year olds

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Volunteer abroad for over 25 year olds

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Responsible volunteering

We’re a respected youth-driven charity with more than 35 years’ experience of working through young volunteers to deliver and inspire meaningful change.

Responsible volunteering

Information events

Interested in joining a Raleigh Expedition but want a bit more information first? Take the first step on your Raleigh journey by attending one of our information events.

Information events

Information for parents

Find answers to the most common queries and concerns you might have about your child’s time abroad.

Information for parents


Find out the answers to some common questions asked about Expedition with Raleigh.


Raleigh ICS

Raleigh ICS is an overseas volunteering programme, funded by the UK government. It brings together young people from the UK and countries in Africa and Asia to volunteer on development projects and work alongside local communities. ICS is not currently running.

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