Ways to volunteer

Raleigh runs two amazing volunteering programmes: Expedition and ICS (International Citizen Service). Whether you’re still at school, taking a gap year, finished university or taking a break from work, we’ve got an opportunity that’s right for you.

On both our programmes you’ll be working side-by-side with local communities to create lasting change, but there are differences in duration, location, activities, challenges and eligibility.

Do you want to immerse yourself in one community or volunteer in a variety of environments – a community, a rainforest, a national park, or trekking across diverse landscapes? Do you want to volunteer with a team of people from all over the world? Would you like to travel independently before or after your project? Do you want to lead a team?

What’s important to you? Read on and discover what volunteering with Raleigh has to offer…

Raleigh Expedition Raleigh ICS
Eligibility Volunteers: 17-24
Volunteer managers: 25-75
All nationalities
Volunteers: 18-25
Team Leaders: 23-35
UK and host country residents
Length of programme
Length of programme Volunteers: 5, 7 or 10 weeks
Volunteer managers: 8 or 13 weeks
Volunteers: 10-12 weeks
Team Leaders: 3-9 months
Project phases
Project phases 3-in-1: Environment, community and adventure Community
Your environment*
Your environment* Experience a variety including rural communities, rainforests and national parks
Volunteer managers: As above or town based office
Based in rural communities
Project types*
Project types* Water, sanitation & hygiene
Natural resource management
Adventure leadership
Water, sanitation & hygiene
Project activities*
Project activities* Construction, awareness raising, reforestation, scientific research, trekking Action research, peer-to-peer education, awareness raising, training, community infrastructure, resource development
Your team
Your team Volunteers from all over the world, including the host country, and local communities UK volunteers, host country volunteers and local communities
Countries Malaysian Borneo, Nepal, Nicaragua & Costa Rica, Tanzania Nepal, Nicaragua, Tanzania
Your accommodation*
Your accommodation* A variety including camping in the wild, community centres and homes of local community families In the homes of local community families
Independent travel
Independent travel Yes! Free to travel independently before or after programme Not possible as UK volunteers travel as a group

* varies with country

Raleigh Expeditions

Raleigh volunteers shake hands with Tanzanian community members during a safe water and sanitation awareness project

Raleigh expeditions are a unique 3-in-1 opportunity to work on remote community and environmental projects and face adventure challenges in some of the most incredible areas of the world.

Our expeditions are all about variety. That’s why they include different people, projects, locations and challenges. There will be people like you and people from different backgrounds and cultures, including local volunteers from the expedition countries. Together you’ll be a team with a common aim; to bring energy and inspiration to create the world that we want.

Raleigh ICS

Volunteers speak at a community day at a local school in the village of Batini, Mbeya

International Citizen Service (ICS) is a development programme that brings together young people from the UK and developing countries to volunteer in some of the poorest communities around the world.

We deliver our ICS programmes in Nepal, Nicaragua and Tanzania. Teams are made up of volunteers of all backgrounds, from the UK and from the local country.

ICS is led by VSO and funded by the UK Government. Raleigh is working alongside other respected development organisations to deliver the ICS programme in over 30 countries.