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How Raleigh is Empowering Global Citizens of the Future

Young people today face an uncertain future. With climate change looming, economic and political instability growing and the presence of technology increasing in day-to-day life, many Gen Z youths are struggling with eco-anxiety, a lack of direction and feeling disconnected from their communities and friends.

For the past four decades, Raleigh has encouraged young people to become active, vocal and impactful members of society and we continue to dedicate our efforts to empowering young adults to shape a better future. That is why we provide aspiring young people with opportunities to make a tangible difference in the world

What is Global Citizenship and Why is it Important?

Global citizenship means recognizing oneself as part of a larger international community. In today’s interconnected and changing world, being a global citizen is more important than ever. By improving one’s ability to empathize, understand and cooperate between different cultures and societies, we can collectively embrace diversity and address pressing global challenges such as climate change, poverty and inequality.

How Our Venturers Blossom During Their Expeditions to Become Impactful Global Citizens!

The values of global citizenship are woven into every aspect of our Venturer’s experience. Through collaboration and inclusivity, they work together to build sustainable communities and make a tangible impact on disadvantaged communities and damaged natural environments. At the end of their Expeditions, Raleigh Venturers learn the true meaning of global citizenship and can continue to make impactful change in the future.

1. They Build Knowledge on Advocacy and Activism

One of the key clues of global citizenship is advocacy and activism. Young people have long demandeddemaned and effected positive change. From petitions and speeches to rallies and protests, young people have drawn attention to critical issues like climate change, racial injustice and inequality, and have proven that, when united, they can change the world.

Youth-driven movements have the power to inspire and uplift young people, while also giving them the skills to make impactful change. We focus on team and confidence building activities, so that our Venturers develop the skills they need to advocate for the things they believe in.

This summer our team of 13 to 16-year-old UK Venturers will build their confidence during the Adventure Leadership Sail. Whether they are keen sailors or complete newbies, the whole team will be involved in keeping the boat on course. From hoisting and lowering sails, steering, navigating, anchoring, cooking and keeping watch, they will develop new skills and will have the confidence at the end of each day to say, “I did that!”

2. They Learn the Value of Inclusivity and Collaboration

Being a global citizen means being able to work with people from all walks of life. Working with people from various backgrounds, identities and lifestyles reflects the diverse world we live in and is key to creating a better future for all.

At Raleigh, we create a safe and inclusive environment where young people can be their most authentic selves. Our Venturers collaborate with people from all over the world while learning about different global issues, cultures and languages.

For our international Expeditions in South Africa and Costa Rica, we collaborate with local people and use local knowledge to direct our projects. We are also incorporate intercultural opportunities into our Expeditions so that our Venturers learn about and experience new local knowledge, traditions and customs.

3. They Gain Experience in Building Sustainable Communities

Young people can address the urgent issue of climate change by working together on environment and sustainability projects.

Our younger Venturers will experience a taste of sustainable activism in South Devon as they clear plastic from less accessible beaches and waters. Plastic not only contaminates and crowds our beautiful oceans, but it also poses a hazard to aquatic wildlife and animals. By working together to replenish small areas of the UK’s natural environment, young people will learn the value of taking care of our fragile natural resources, igniting a passion for the environment and sustainability.
They Build Resilience
By becoming more resilient and facing adversity head-on, young people develop the necessary skills to create positive impact and change.

On Expeditions Venturers embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. It’s not easy to take on a 260-kilometer trek (or about 161.56 miles) through the Costa Rican jungle or the South African wildness, but it sure is transformative! Read about how our Venturers that they can achieve feats they never imagined, and that determination, grit and hard work pay off!  

4. They Feel Empowered

Young people make the most impact when they feel empowered. Empowerment comes from developing individual skills and a developing sense of belonging and purpose.

On Expedition, we empower our Venturers by uniting young people from a range of backgrounds to work together towards a common goal and in turn foster an environment where they feel confident and safe in embracing and expressing their authentic identities.

We make sure that our Venturers feel empowered during and after Expedition, and the proof is in the pudding! Many of our alumni have gone on to establish non-profits, fundraise, volunteer and mentor young people long after their Expedition is over and continue to make positive, impactful change across the world.

How to Become a Global Citizen with Raleigh!

Are you ready to empower your teenager to change the world? Find out how a Raleigh Expedition can unlock their potential and take them on the adventure of a lifetime. Join us in ensuring a better future, one Expedition at a time!

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