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The next step of development: the latest volunteers get started

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Why are we here?

Nepal is the second poorest country in Asia with nearly one quarter of the population living below the poverty line. Access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation can be one of the most challenging aspects of everyday life in rural Nepal and a limited education in these regions means good hygiene is not always common practice. Raleigh projects bring volunteers from across Nepal and around the world to communities where support is needed, aiming to improve access to safe water and sanitation facilities for 15,000 people in Nepal over the next four years.

The story so far

Throughout 2016 and 2017, volunteers in Nepal have made considerable impact on water and sanitation projects. Raleigh projects have reached over 2,200 people through workshops and awareness raising activities about sanitation and hygiene, and have built over 400 handwashing stations which are helping to prevent the spread of germs and water-borne diseases in rural communities. Water supply projects have improved access to safe drinking water for 2,400 people and workshops on menstruation and hygiene has helped to tackle taboos which affect women and girls.

Over the next few months, a new team of inspiring volunteers will continue to grow this work in four new communities in the Gorkha region of Nepal, in Sayamurey, Benitar, Shreekrishna Tole and Rampur.

Who are our latest volunteers?

Raleigh’s Volunteer Managers will be heading up teams of young volunteers on our upcoming water, sanitation and hygiene projects. Combining their strengths, talents and passions, these are the volunteers who will be helping to guide our projects:


Sam, Dammar and Jenny – Volunteer Managers in Sayamurey

Dammar, Jenny and Sam will be working in the community of Sayamurey. Sam has joined Raleigh as an Expedition Medic and will be on hand to support with medical issues while supporting volunteers on the project. He’ll be working alongside Nepali volunteer Dammar, a media worker looking to make a change, and Jenny, who has taken a step out of working in tourism to volunteer in Nepal.

Joe and Rijan – Volunteer Managers in Shreekrishna Tole

Rijan and Joe will be supporting volunteers in Shreekrishna Tole. As a teacher and mountaineer, Joe is used to working with young people as well as exploring amazing landscapes similar to Nepal. He’s working alongside Rijan who is excited for new experiences as a volunteer in his home country.

Tamsin, Simon and Prem – Volunteer Managers in Benitar

Tamsin, Prem and Simon will work in Benitar. As a GP in training, Tamsin is one of the Expedition Medics and will be supporting the volunteers with any medical issues alongside her Volunteer Manager role. She’s teaming up with Prem, a pyscho-social counsellor who did valuable work after the Nepal earthquake, and Simon, who recently left his job in the water industry to support young people in Nepal.

Rebecca, Gautam and Sally – Volunteer Managers in Rampur

Rebecca, Gautam and Sally will lead a team of volunteers in Rampur. Rebecca has come to Nepal as part of her year out from the world of work, while Gautam is taking time out to volunteer in his home country. They’re joined by two-time Raleigh alumna Sally, who has previously volunteered in India and Nicaragua and is excited to make a difference on her third Raleigh programme.

Will and Samir – Deputy Operations Managers

As Deputy Operations Managers, Will and Samir are here to support our Volunteer Managers over the coming months. They have a wealth of Raleigh experience between them; Will has previously volunteered as Deputy Operations Manager in Tanzania, while Samir volunteered on a Raleigh project in Nepal last year.

Jamie – Communications Officer

As Communications Officer Jamie will be visiting each of the four projects, documenting some of the amazing activities that Raleigh volunteers are up to and sharing the most impactful stories from the Expedition.

From January to April 2018, Expedition group 18C will be making a difference in Nepal. Keep up to date with stories and highlights from their projects on this blog and on the Raleigh Nepal Facebook and Instagram page.  

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