Volunteers from around the world united to make a change

4th December 2019

On our current water, sanitation and hygiene project in the community of Majawanga there are two impressive women who are putting their careers on hold to project manage the construction of 2 toilet blocks at a local primary school.

Anais Spacey, Expedition Volunteer Manager Tanzania

Anais is a corporate lawyer by profession who lives in London. Before joining Raleigh Tanzania, she was volunteering in the Lebanon teaching English to Syrian refugees.

Anais is partnered with Daisy, her Tanzanian counterpart for this part of the construction project. Daisy, who trained as a Drama Teacher, has already volunteered previously with Raleigh Tanzania so she knows the ropes well.

We asked them…

What was your motivation to join Raleigh in Tanzania?

Anais: “I wanted to apply my project management skills in a humanitarian context”

Daisy: “I want to gain experience of living with people of different nationalities/cultures. I want to give back to the community before I start on my own career path. And I want to learn – meeting new people, going to new places and sharing my knowledge with the people I meet”

Raleigh always partners international volunteers with local Tanzanian volunteers to ensure good communication across the project with all the stakeholders and also to ensure that the whole team remain sensitive to cultural differences.

Anais: “The highlight has been working with a really fantastic team and with my Tanzania counter part. All of us get on really well and have a lot of fun. Also it has been great to get to know the locals who are all really friendly. I love the counterpart I have, and I love the group. We are well bonded. We are enjoying great teamwork and getting the job done”.

Daisy: “It can be a bit challenging with people from different cultures. What may be good to me may not be good for someone from a different cultural background. I am loving the experience. It’s an amazing experience to learn different things from so many perspectives.”

Daisy and Anais are leading energizer with their team of volunteers in Majawangwa , Dodoma Tanzania

Their project involves a managing a team of international volunteers from Switzerland, France, UK, Sweden, Tanzania and, of course, many volunteers from within the village itself. These volunteers have come together from all across the world on this truly multinational venture to make a change that lasts.

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