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5 Best Ways to Fundraise for Your Expedition

Make an Impact

Joining a Raleigh International Expedition is a huge, life-changing moment, where you’ll be making an impact on important projects, meeting new people, and developing new skills. However, we understand that joining a Raleigh Expedition, particularly covering the costs involved, may be an obstacle. That’s why we want to provide you with a few ways to fundraise for your trip, including bursary support offered by our various incredible partners. Take a look:

5 Best Ways to Fundraise for a Trip

1. Create a Crowdfunding Campaign

Platforms like GoFundMe or JustGiving offer a convenient way to reach out to friends, family, and even strangers who share your passion for impact, sustainability, people and nature. Share your story, detailing your Expedition and what it involves, the impact you aim to have during your time on Expedition, and why their support matters. Make sure to update your fundraiser with Expedition pictures and your achievements during your projects.

2. Host or Join Fundraising Events

Research local events near you where you could set up a stall and sell your products. If you’re struggling to find one, you could even create your own! Think lemonade stands, bake sales, car washes and raffles! By promoting entertaining (and delicious!) events, you can rally support within your community, and have fun whilst you raise money! There are plenty of great, low-cost options to boost your Expedition funds.

3. Get Creative!

Put your creative skills to use and get designing! You could create custom t-shirts, tote bags, personalised jewellery and handmade crafts that symbolise the cause you’re supporting. There are plenty of online platforms such as Etsy or Redbubble, where you can showcase your work, reach a wider audience, and start collecting some additional funds for your trip.

4. Use Your Skills to Your Advantage

Put your skills and talents to good use by offering services in exchange for donations. Are you an avid photographer? An impressive tutor? Or an animal lover with a track record of pet-sitting? Leverage your abilities, or prior experience, to provide value to your friends, family and local community while raising funds for the Expedition that is right for you.

5. Apply for Grants and Fully Funded Opportunities

We are lucky enough to be supported by multiple partners and sponsors that offer bursary support to cover your Expedition costs. Our friends over at the Scientific Exploration Society (SES) are offering 15 fully-funded places on a Raleigh Expedition between 2024 – 2026. You can find out more here.

The Gift Friendship Trust are actively supporting those wishing to embark on a Raleigh Expedition, offering grants from £100 to £500 to go toward the cost of a Raleigh programme. The Jack Petchey Foundation, The Rotary Foundation, Lord Mayors Award and South of Scotland Youth Awards also offer various grants which can be used towards a Raleigh International Expedition.

Final Thoughts

Why volunteer with Raleigh? Remember, effective fundraising is not just about asking for donations, but about engaging and inspiring others to join your cause. The best way to fundraise for a trip is to be transparent about your fundraising goals and give information on what it is you’re doing, and why. Remember to express gratitude towards your supporters and keep them updated on your progress and achievements! With dedication, creativity, and community support, you’ll be one step closer to making your Raleigh International Expedition a reality!

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