Malaysian Borneo

Why Malaysian Borneo?

In the Sabah region of Malaysian Borneo, our work focuses on providing access to safe water and sanitation, building resilient communities, and contributing to biodiversity conservation, protection and research.

Many of Sabah’s rural communities are marginalised through lack of access to basic services. Nearly half do not have access to a reliable and safe water supply, and nearly a third of the rural population lives in poverty. Many people also lack access to education. We work alongside these communities to improve access to and use of these basic services.

Borneo is one of the world’s most mega-biodiverse areas, and approximately half of the Sabah region is rainforest. Biodiversity is fundamental to our planet’s well-being, but deforestation is posing a major threat to Sabah’s biological diversity, with almost 20% of its rainforest lost in the last quarter of a century. We work to conserve biodiverse areas and further scientific research into the benefits of biodiversity.

We have been running programmes in Borneo for since 2002. Building strong relationships with partners and communities. Giving thousands of young people experience of sustainable development work, whilst developing skills that they will carry with them throughout their lifetime.

What you can do


Malaysia is recognised as one of twelve ‘mega-diverse’ countries in the world. On Expedition you will work towards protecting and conserving some of the oldest rainforests in the world (almost 130 million years old, in fact) as well as some of the world’s rarest and most diverse species.

As a volunteer in Borneo you will live and work in the heart of the rainforest, experiencing nature like never before.

Support us

As a partner with Raleigh International, your business can help to play a part in creating lasting change in Borneo.

The financial contribution you offer can help to support much-needed initiatives such as providing environmental conservation in Class 1 Protected Rainforest in Maliau Basin, or installing Community Learning Centres for rural communities in the Pitas District.

Find out more about the returns a partnership supporting Raleigh’s work in Borneo can offer your business.

Project Partners

Our work would not be possible without close cooperation with local partners. We are proud to work alongside these NGOs and Cooperatives.

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