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Our Approach

Our unique ‘Ignite. Equip. Mobilise.’ model moves young people from being contributors and collaborators to initiators.

This generation of young people will change the world. But in order to make the vision of a fair, inclusive and green world a reality, young people must be given access to the platforms, networks, skills and experiences they need. They must engage in action where their rights are championed, and where their voice is heard as an equal.

We are a youth-driven organisation supporting a global movement of young people to take action. We connect young people with the skills, networks, platforms, and experiences to lead action on the change they demand.

Ignite, Equip and Mobilise

We build pathways and experiences for young people to develop their confidence and leadership.

We support young people to build the skills and knowledge they need to develop solutions to global problems.

We unite young people with experts so they can turn their ideas for changing the world into action that they lead.



Through our contributor level programmes young people, communities, and others work together, sharing ideas and experiences to ignite collective action. Our contributor level programmes develop young people's leadership, technical and problem-solving skills, equipping them with new knowledge and experiences. We provide young people with networks and platforms to act on issues and scale their new knowledge and skills. Young people who participate in our contributor level programmes get the opportunity to contribute towards the achievement of predefi¬ned programmatic goals, generating new opportunities for themselves and the world.



At the collaborator level, young people who have gained access to new knowledge, skills, networks and platforms move to the next level of action through youth collectives. Here, young people can engage as activists on pressing social and environmental issues or join incubators to develop their entrepreneurial skills and ideas. These collectives form part of our global alliance of 15 youth-led national societies. Membership of youth collectives provides a fresh and exciting environment for young people, igniting new opportunities for partnerships and idea generation. Training and skill development equips young people with new skills and knowledge such as campaign and project design, business development and innovation. Young people apply new skills and knowledge to develop initiatives which address urgent global challenges in partnership with each other. Young people who engage in our collaborator programmes work alongside their peers, making decisions about the goals they want to work towards collectively.



Through initiator level programmes, young people take their experience of collective action and decision making to initiate ideas which tackle the world's most pressing issues, creating collective action on a global scale alongside decision makers. In order to do this young people identify and connect with innovators, influencers and entrepreneurs to scale up their initiatives; igniting growing collective impact. They seek out the experts, national and international partnerships that can deliver their vision, developing high level technical knowledge which equips them to overcome barriers. As a result, networks of young initiators, businesses, governments and international institutions work collectively to create fair, inclusive and green societies. Young people who participate in initiator level programmes ideate, initiate and engage in equitable decision making with other actors devising new ways to work towards shared goals.